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Church Search: What to Look for When Choosing a New Church

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Church Search: What to Look for When Choosing a New Church

With 380,000+ churches in America, it’s easy to assume finding a new church is easy (yet it’s not).

Searching for a church is different from shopping for other goods and services. It requires more intense work to find a great Church that helps you grow your faith. That’s why you shouldn’t rush this process, and you need to ask for God’s guidance.

You want to avoid a situation where you keep changing churches after a short period.

To help you out, here is what to look for when choosing a new church.

Check Theology

As a Christian, you need to look for a church that shares your same religious beliefs. That’s why you need to check the theology practices of various churches near you. Understand that although all churches use the same Bible, their interpretation of the scripture is different.

So, look for a church that’ll help you know the right way to interpret the word of God. You want to get the deeper meaning in various Bible verses and use these teaching for religious growth.

Find a Church With a Great Community

In this digital era, you may wonder why even search for a new church when you can watch sermons online? You argue that the internet gives you the freedom to listen to the word of God from many spiritual leaders from all over the world. Although there’s nothing wrong with listening to online sermons, you’ll miss out on the value of going to church.

The church is more than sermons it offers, as it is also a means of fellowshipping with other Christians. That’s why it’s vital to search for a new church with a great community. You want to find a fellowship church that helps you meet and socialize with other Christians.

Your goal is to get new Christian friends who help you build your relationship with Christ. People who encourage you to turn to God when facing obstacles in life.

Review the Church’s Leadership and Structure

The other thing to check when looking for a new church is the leadership and structure. You want to find a church with spiritually strong leaders, a church with a clergy dedicated to helping congregants build their relationship with God.

Also, look for a new church with an open leadership structure that promotes growth from within. The idea is to have the opportunity also to serve when you receive God’s calling to lead. So, you want to find a church with welcoming leaders who’ll mentor you on your journey to answer this calling.

Grow Your Faith by Learning How to Choose a New Church

To grow your faith, you need to become a member of a great church. So, rely on the above tips to help you choose a new church. You want to find a new church that shares your religious beliefs.

Also, look for a church with a great community and leadership structure.

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