10 Marketing Myths You Need to Stop Believing!

Going with the trends and fads of the digital market can be an advantage. It’s a way of adapting to your clientele’s preferences and staying with the times. However, not every market craze is based on actual data. In fact, some of the business advice and techniques are just plain click baits and myths!

With so many digital marketing tips out there, how do you determine which is fact or fallacy? What separates the myths from genuine counsel? Read on to find out.

Marketing Myths

In this golden age of information, anyone can publish whatever they want, and some can get away with falsehoods. So, before you try the next big thing in business or follow the best market shortcut, here are a few marketing myths that need to be debunked:

1. One-Time, Big-Time SEO

Every marketing agency from Ottawa to Alberta will tell you that SEO for your website is the best and most affordable upgrade. Not only do you reach a wider audience, but you get to show your products to your customers, without having physical contact. SEO techniques are put into place to boost your website traffic and online presence.

However, investing in it only once is not enough. Just like any other aspect of your business, you can’t expect to put in a one-time effort and constantly earn rewards. SEO upgrades require attention to detail, data, and web technology.

For it to give you its premium customer results, you need to learn and observe how it is done. So, when you’re thinking about paying an SEO company to bolster your site, don’t expect overnight online exposure.

2. Digital Marketing is ONLY for Millenials

Digital exposure is experienced by all ages and generations. Others might suggest differently, saying that social media is only for the younger generations. The fact is, everyone can feel and see the impact of digital marketing in their daily decisions.

Your product might need to target the older generation and you might say that Internet ads are worthless because most of them are not on it anyway. However, data suggests that almost half of senior citizens are using the Internet. The good thing is their friends and family are also on it that could pass along the message to them.

3. Annoying Social Media Posts

There is no such thing as too much posting and publicity on social media for any business. Yes, putting up unrelated and random information on your business page may throw them off and cause them to unfollow you.

However, when you are mindful of the information you’re putting out by tailoring it to your customers’ real-time needs then it becomes important.

4. Online Review Doesn’t Matter in Health Care

Online reviews are the go-to sections of potential customers when they’re contemplating their decision. Knowing that other people trust your product puts them at ease and increases the chances of contacting you. Now others might think that health care is too serious of a profession to be swayed by online reviews.

However, when customers share their experience with their doctors, they don’t talk about equipment and prices; they share regarding the doctor’s attitude and character. Through online reviews and patient testimonies, you get to tell your patients that you are passionate and that you care for them

5. Online Ads are Not Worth It

Boosting your online posts is not a waste of time. Sure, some people say that, but that’s because they are putting up content that doesn’t engage customers. Strategically choosing what publication materials to expose is the key technique to maximizing your paid ads.

Each boost will require money so make sure you pick the right one. You can choose the best one by evaluating it based on readability, info organization, and engagement ability.

6. Websites Should Focus on Yourself

When new owners start making websites they make the mistake of making it all about themselves. Showboating or boasting about your products may rub your customers the wrong way and cause less website traffic.

Always remember to put your customer’s experience first. Instead of telling them upfront how successful and wonderful your product is, structure it in a way that relates to them. You can personally talk about how your services would help them in their daily life, how it saves up costs and more.

7. Blog Posts are A Waste

When advertising online, you need to remind customers that they’re interacting with a human being. So, the more you create blogs about your company’s values, brand, message, and mission, the more customers will trust and connect with you.

For example, if you’re posting about maple trees for sale in Toronto, don’t just talk about prices. Instead connect it with their love for gardening, home care, and more.

8. Pretty Website, More Customers

Investing in the most expensive, well-designed, and up-to-date website might seem like a good idea at first glance. However, customers will engage more with the content of the site than the actual aesthetic. A decent web design with excellent articles and information is far better than a pretty site with shallow content. Put more time and thought onto your content rather than focusing on the web design razzle-dazzle.

9. Digital Marketing as Perfect Solutions

Desperate owners may view digital marketing as the wonder fix for their business. Some sites might have you believe that going digital will work miracles overnight. However, just like any marketing strategy, for it to work, you need to devote your time and effort.

A good way to begin with your digital strategies is data analysis and collection. Know as much as you can about your targeted customers and steer your marketing team in that direction.

10. Face to Face Meetings are Always Better

Distance and logistics are some of the key factors that determine your customer’s potential. The farther you are from them, the fewer chances that they want to avail your service. However, the thing is, with the advent of social media, there are different ways to talk you your clients.

For example, being an injury lawyer in Whitby and having a client asking for advice all the way from Toronto might seem impossible! However, by offering online talks and meet-ups, your customers will have an easier time connecting with you.

Distinguishing fact from fantasy can be quite difficult nowadays. With so much advice on the Internet, it can get confusing on which one to follow. What makes things worse is that following these misguided tips could negatively impact your sales. Believing in them could potentially cause the slow growth of your business.

So, now that these myths have been proven wrong, get to work with your team and change things up. It may be a long way to go, but your business success will all be worth it.

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