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10 Thoughtful Things to Put Into Your Coffee Gift Box

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10 Thoughtful Things to Put Into Your Coffee Gift Box

With the average American drinking a whopping 3.1 cups of coffee each day, it’s safe to say that you probably know someone who seems to be fueled entirely by caffeine.

When the holiday season rolls around, this fact can make things a little easier on you. Instead of scrambling for last-minute gifts, you can fall back on a tried-and-true option: a coffee gift box!

If your friend or loved one can’t start their day without a hot cuppa, there are a few simple things you’ll want to pack into their gift. Here are ten great products that any coffee drinker will want to get their hands on.

1. A Thoughtful Coffee Mug

No matter what kind of coffee your recipient drinks, it’s safe to say they’ll be thrilled to drink it out of a thoughtful or customized mug. Whether you choose a funny mug with an inside joke, a sophisticated conversation piece, or branded coffee mugs for a client gift, the right mug can add a personal touch to your gift. Because your coffee lover will be able to enjoy the mug long after they’ve consumed the other parts of the gift, it’ll be something they can appreciate for years to come!

2. An Insulated Tumbler

For caffeine addicts who need to get their fix on the go, an insulated tumbler can be a great coffee gift idea. These containers are designed to be durable and easy to clean while keeping their contents warm for an extended period of time—which is a major win for any coffee lover. Consider grabbing a stainless steel option for long-lasting results, and make sure to get one that can fit into a standard-sized cup holder.

3. An Electric Milk Frother

Want to help your recipient bring their coffee game to the next level? Whether they love cappuccinos, lattes, or regular coffees, this simple tool can help spice up their drink by getting the milk to the perfect airy texture. Better still, they’re small enough to fit into a gift basket and a kitchen drawer, meaning your favorite coffee drinker won’t have to figure out where to put a bulky new product.

4. Quality Coffee Beans

No coffee gift basket would be complete without fresh, high-quality coffee beans. As a personal touch, consider buying beans from a favorite location your recipient loves—like a dark roast from Portland or a small-batch roast from Chicago. If you know your recipient enjoys trying different kinds, consider getting a sample pack of beans from different areas.

5. A Sample Pack of K-Cups

Is your recipient addicted to their Keurig brewer? If so, consider getting them a pack of K-cups to expand their horizons! It’s easy to find a huge range of variety packs online, including seasonal options that are perfect for the holidays.

6. Luxury Cookies

There are few better food and beverage pairings than cookies and coffee, so you can bet your recipient will love getting some delicious sweets in their care package. A great go-to sweet is biscotti, whose crunch is the perfect complement to the rich taste of coffee. Find an elegant tin to give your present some beautiful visual appeal.

7. Flavored Syrups

Flavored syrups are a great way to spice up a delicious cup of coffee, and the chances are good that your coffee lover won’t have many to sample. Consider getting them a small set of flavored syrups for a quick burst of flavor! In the spirit of the holidays, you might want to opt for seasonal flavors like peppermint, gingerbread, or pumpkin spice.

8. A Cozy Mug Warmer

If your recipient is busy enough to get dragged away from their morning cup on a regular basis, they’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift.

Mug warmers come in two styles. The first, of course, is a soft fabric or crochet cozy for the outside of the mug, not unlike a cozy for a tea kettle. These can be both visually appealing and warm for the hands, and you can even make one yourself if you’re feeling ambitious!

The second is an electric mug warmer, which can heat the mug on top of it to ensure it’s always the perfect temperature for drinking. Most of these are small enough to fit into the average gift basket, though you may need to decide whether your recipient would prefer to plug it into a USB or a wall socket.

9. A Coffee-Related Shirt

Simple but fun, graphic tees can be the perfect gift for almost anyone, and you’ll find plenty of options available in stores and online. Consider grabbing a witty shirt that boasts of your recipient’s caffeine habits or a simple coffee mug design!

10. Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

These tiny treats can be a big hit. Because coffee and chocolate create one of the most universally loved flavor combinations, it’s safe to say that even people who don’t drink much coffee wouldn’t mind getting a bag of them in their gift basket. Chocolate-covered espresso beans are a great way to get that much-needed coffee flavor on the go, and they’re easy to find in stores or to make yourself in under an hour, if you feel so inclined!

Personalize Your Coffee Gift Box

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong by personalizing your coffee gift box according to your recipient’s preferences. Splurging on quality coffees, tools, and mugs can bring their coffee game to the next level fast—which is something they’ll be sure to appreciate! Do a little sleuthing to see if you can find out more about your recipient’s coffee habits, and use the ideas above to create the perfect gift.

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