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3 Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial-Grade Pizza Maker

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3 Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial-Grade Pizza Maker

The global pizza market is at an all-time high and is expected to grow at a 10.17% CAGR. Therefore, opening a pizza shop is a highly profitable business at the moment. Now, whether you are running a successful pizza-making business or plan on opening your pizza shop, the pizza oven will be your primary investment. As such, only commercial-grade pizza ovens can help you make premium-quality pizza to attract customers. 

After all, as one of the most popular takeaway food in Australia, pizza’s increasing demand will not slow down anytime soon. However, there are a few factors for choosing the best commercial-grade pizza ovens.

1.     Features, Functionality and Settings 

Pizza ovens are useful for preparing many food items apart from pizza. You can cook meat, melt cheese, and prepare sauce toppings with the right oven. Meanwhile, you need an oven that can sustain at high temperatures since pizza is cooked at around 450 degrees. And if you choose a woodfire pizza oven, it will require more manual operation for temperature control. 

Deck and conveyor ovens, on the other hand, help maintain a consistent temperature, giving you more control and better fan speed. It also allows you to cook the pizza via hot air, preventing burnt crust. 

For a gas oven, you need to ensure that the pressure is set correctly or else the pizza will not be cooked evenly. You also need to consider the control placements, height of the oven, and size of the mouth (of the oven). As such, easy-to-operate ovens make it convenient to prepare food items faster. 

2.     Types of Commercial Pizza Ovens

There is more than one type of commercial pizza oven on the market. However, to choose the most suitable one, you need an idea about the various types. So, the pizza ovens can be classified in the following manner: 

  • Woodfire/ Brick or Clay Pizza Oven 

Woodfire or pizza clay ovens use wood for creating fire instead of electricity or gas. They are the best option for cooking pizza, as the crust gets crispy while retaining softness on the inside. 

  • Deck/Stone Pizza Oven

The stone deck ensures that the heat gets distributed evenly, making it more convenient to cook the pizza. The pizza crust gets heated directly by the stone decks without burning the toppings. Besides, this is the best type if you want to make pizza pies. 

  • Conveyor Pizza Oven

If you are looking for a quick pizza-making solution, the conveyor oven is the best option. You will find these ovens mostly in traditional fast-food joints, and you do not require a high level of skills, and anyone can operate this type of oven. 

  • Convection Pizza Oven 

Do you need a solution for making pizzas in large volumes? The convection pizza oven is the right choice. You can easily stack up 40 16” pizzas in its chamber, with one of two pizzas on every rack. These are also an excellent choice for shops with limited space. 

  • Commercial Electric or Combi Oven

Although the electric or combi ovens are not strictly commercial-grade, you can get the job done with these. The only problem is it will take more time to cook in this type of oven. It needs double the time of a gas or wood-fired oven to reach the same temperature.  

3.     Placement, Size and Weight

You also need to consider the size and weight of the oven. A pizza oven that is too big for your kitchen will not make your work any easier. That is why you should always take the proper measurements of your pizza maker before buying. You can also talk about the model with the dealer or supplier to determine whether it would be the right fit.

Also, consider factors like space around the oven as you need to provide some scope for movement in the kitchen. However, if you get an oven that is too small, catering to a large group of customers will be difficult. And to keep up with the orders, you need a pizza oven that is neither too small nor too large. 

Choosing commercial pizza ovenswill play a significant role in the success of your takeaway or shop. But, with the above factors in mind, you can select a suitable option for your staff or yourself. Meanwhile, the best part about the pizza ovens is that you will get delicious pizzas as long as you reach the right temperature. The only thing you need to decide is how quickly you want them. 

Remember that your customers expect only the best quality from you, and you also have to keep pace. So, take every factor into account when choosing. 

Author name- Grace