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4 Top Features of Resmed Airstart 10 APAP Machine

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4 Top Features of Resmed Airstart 10 APAP Machine

Resmed is the name that defines trust, comfort and innovation. Resmed’s CPAP machines are the bestest one in the market. Resmed Airstart 10 APAP is the entry level APAP (Auto-adjusting Positive Airway Pressure) machine that has the basic features and best quality. 

The Auto-adjusting Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) therapy equipment from ResMed, the AirStart10 APAP, automatically adjusts to the user’s airway pressure. This item from ResMed Air Solutions offers exceptional value if you’re searching for an APAP machine that’s simple to set up and use.

  1. Easy Operation

The AirStart 10 APAP therapy device is easy to operate and straightforward. There are no complicated menus or settings for patients to navigate—all they need to do is plug in the device and press Start. The device has all the qualities required for a patient to receive effective and natural therapy.

  1. Heated Humidification

Heated humidification may help minimize common therapeutic side effects like nasal congestion and a dry mouth or throat to provide even more comfort during the night. Every AirStart 10 therapy device has a built-in HumidAir humidifier so your patients may start enjoying all the benefits of humidification right away. The humidifier tub’s ease of use and control also make humidification simple and more accessible to patients.

According to the needs of the patient, the humidification settings can be changed from 1 to 8 and can even be turned off. However, using a humidifier in conjunction with a CPAP machine is always advised.

  1. Ramp 

The Ramp function on it is designed to make therapy’s beginning more comfortable. The ramp time is the interval between the low start pressure of the therapeutic pressure and the advised treatment pressure. Ramp time can be altered to any value between 5 and 45 minutes, or it can even be disabled.

You have a better chance of falling asleep as the pressure gradually increases. You won’t sense the higher pressure since you won’t be awake when the pressure reaches the optimum. Because the sensation will feel less intense, the user’s comfort will increase. It’s a fantastic feature that can help you persist with your therapy by making it simpler to become adjusted to a CPAP machine.

  1. Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR)

Expiratory pressure release (EPR) is a therapeutic feature that lowers supplied mask pressure when the patient is exhaling while maintaining the patient’s optimal treatment. Breathing feels more natural and treatment is more comfortable because of the Easy-Breathe waveform’s clever recreation of a patient’s unique breathing rhythm.

The device is worn continuously while a person sleeps, which has an impact on both their capacity to inhale and exhale. Some users, especially those who demand high settings, find it uncomfortable or challenging to exhale against the device’s positive air pressure. The pressure-relief feature is intended to make this issue easier to handle.

Expiratory Pressure Relief is a feature of the device. EPR gradually lowers the pressure applied to you when you exhale, making it easier for you to breathe out against the air pressure. EPR makes the therapy more comfortable for patients. 

The Airstart 10 APAP is FAA approved, making it suitable for use in aircraft as well, and it has a two-year warranty. The SD card that comes with Airstart 10 can be used to download the sleep data. Your therapeutic data are on the SD card. Your doctor could request that you mail or bring the SD card in. Your AirStart 10 device stores your therapy data so that you and your care provider can review it and, if necessary, modify your therapy.

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