5 Career Options at Communication Design Colleges in India

Communication design is a field which uses audio-visual language, words and images to convey messages to the target audience. It is a field that includes the application of a variety of innovative techniques to reach out to the audience and trigger a response. Communication designers work in a variety of industries including marketing companies, government agencies, business, education, media, public relations etc.

Graduates of communication design can look forward to an exciting professional career with good remuneration. Here are 5 career options that you can pursue after graduating from communication design colleges in India :

  1. Multimedia Designer
    Multimedia Designing is an exciting career option where you will use your skills to create interesting videos, audio and animated images with art, sound and design skills. Multimedia Designers are responsible for producing multimedia products by working together with software programmers, business analyst and technical architects. They need to use creative skills along with technical expertise to create the best of digital images or audio/video files. Multimedia Designers can find jobs in such fields as television, advertising, multimedia companies or even work as a freelancer. The pay scale of a Multimedia Designer increases along with experience and responsibility.
  2. Creative Directors
    Creative Directors are responsible for creating visual style and images in television productions, newspapers, product packaging etc. They are the ones who synchronize activities by working together with creative and artistic departments. Typically Creative Directors supervise the work of other designers and artists and decide on the final style in which a message will be communicated to its target audience.
  3. Web Designer
    The role of a Web Designer in the development of a website is very crucial. A Web Designer creates interesting web pages, layout and graphics and also design and develop the navigation design and structure of a website. Web designing is very important in the marketing and selling of products and is a vital part of logos and brochures. A Web Designer can get jobs in various areas such as e-commerce, entertainment, advertising, web development etc.
  4. Print Media Designer
    A Print Media Designer is a skilled professional who is responsible for creating appealing and attractive design elements in newspaper or magazine to attract your attention. Print media design includes book design, newspaper and magazine or any other design that goes under print. A Print Media Designer must contain certain skill sets such as good understanding of design and multimedia software, familiarity with the production process and knowledge of layout or conversion optimization. The pay scale of a Print Media Designer depends on skill set, experience and level of responsibility.
  5. Brand Identity Designer
    A brand design is an image or a visual element that depicts a company’s visual identify. The brand image can be integrated in different kinds of materials that company uses such as business cards, promotions, media advertising, stationery etc. The role of a Brand Identify Designer is to provide fresh and unique brand designs for the company to convey their core message.

Communication Design discipline is a vast field and has evolved over the years to include user interaction, film design, website design and more. Communication design colleges in India educate students about all the necessary skills, design and practices that will help them to get jobs in government sectors, research, consulting firms and even in their entrepreneurial pursuit.