5 Outdoor Jobs That Are Fun and Fulfilling

The average person changes careers between three to seven times throughout their lifestyle. That statistic doesn’t take into account how many jobs they have, either.

So, if you find yourself sitting in your cubicle wondering if there is something better out there for you, you are not alone! And there likely is another career path better suited to your passions.

Break free of mind-numbing office jobs by applying for outdoor jobs instead. You will be able to work outdoors, get fresh air and exercise, and be less stressed than your indoor cat counterparts.

Need some inspiration to work out which outside jobs appeal to you? This list is a great place to start.

1. Landscape or Travel Photographer

Are you a creative person? Do you love seeing new places? And do you also love learning new tech?

If so, one of the most satisfying jobs for you could be as a landscape or travel photographer. Most people with these jobs are freelance. So, you will need to improve your skills and create a portfolio so that you can show off your talents to print publications.

Or, you could sell your art through stock photo websites and make canvas prints for local art stores.

2. Tour Guide or Sports Instructor

One of the most fun jobs where you get to work outside all day every day is to be a tour guide or sports instructor.

If you are passionate about your town or city, brush up on your history and host walking tours. Or, if you are an adrenaline junkie, you could lead adventure tours instead.

White water rafting, rock climbing, and hiking are all in-demand activities. You would be able to meet fun people, do fun activities, and someone will pay you for it!

3. Landscape Gardener

If you are considering outdoor jobs where you can work with your hands, consider becoming a landscape gardener. You could work to revamp private backyards, community gardens, and green public spaces.

It’s a very rewarding job as you will be able to dig up, weed, clean, and improve spaces and see the efforts of your hard work.

4. Food Truck Owner

Always wanted to be a chef but don’t want to spend 15 hour days in a humid kitchen as a line cook? You don’t have to! Be your own boss and run a food truck business.

You can decide what cuisine you want to cook as well as when and where you work. And if you don’t have the upfront capital to buy a truck, look into food and ice cream truck rental options.

5. Park Ranger

Being a park ranger is the ultimate outdoor job. You can plant trees, lead educational tours, and look after one of the country’s most beautiful and precious landscapes.

What could be more fulfilling than that?

Which of These Outdoor Jobs Is Right for You?

There are hundreds if not thousands of great outdoor jobs, so one of them is bound to be the right job for you. And now you know some of your options, it’s time to dust off your resume, refresh your LinkedIn profile, and start searching job ad boards.

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