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5 Signs You Should Get an Eye Vision Exam

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5 Signs You Should Get an Eye Vision Exam

In the United States, about 42 percent of the population is nearsighted, which is a 25 percent increase from 1971. But, of course, this is just one of the common vision problems that exist today. Thus, it is crucial to get an eye vision exam, especially if you notice problematic symptoms.

What are some of the signs that you need to get an eye exam? In this post, we’ll take a look at five, so keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Your Vision is Blurry

One obvious sign that you need to get a vision exam is blurry vision. But, your eyes may worsen over time, and it may take you a while to realize changes to your sight.

So, if you have trouble seeing the TV or reading without squinting, schedule an eye checkup right away!

2. Your Eyes Feel Tired After Using the Computer

Most of us use the computer or other digital devices for a large portion of the day. Unfortunately, this can put a huge strain on our eyes and even lead to computer vision syndrome. If you have this condition, you’ll notice:

  • Dry, itchy, or burning eyes
  • Headache
  • Eyestrain
  • Blurred sight
  • Light sensitivity

Do you have any of these symptoms? If so, schedule an appointment for an eye test and let your doctor know about your eye discomfort.

3. You Get Frequent Headaches

Headaches can occur for numerous reasons, but getting an eye test is a good idea if yours are reoccurring. It may be that your vision is changing, which puts a strain on your eyes when left uncorrected.

4. You Have Trouble Seeing at Night

Do you have trouble driving at night or seeing in dim lighting? If so, you should talk to your eye doctor so they can test you for night blindness. This condition is quite common among aging individuals, but it can also be a sign of cataracts.

5. You Haven’t Had an Eye Exam in Years

Even if you don’t use corrective lenses, it’s important to get your eyes checked every few years. This is especially true if vision problems run in your family, as these can be hereditary.

And, if you’ve never had an eye exam, don’t worry! You can read more about what happens during an eye vision exam here.

Schedule Your Eye Vision Exam Today

When it comes to eye health, you should never ignore warning signs. So, if you have any of the symptoms we discussed in this post, don’t delay; schedule an eye vision exam right away!

Of course, even if your eyes are healthy, you should develop healthy vision habits, especially when using the computer or other electronic devices. If you do, you’ll keep your vision healthy and protect it from deteriorating!

Would you like to learn more health tips? If so, you can find a lot of helpful advice on our website! So, be sure to check it out!

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