6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With PDF Files

Through the pandemic, everyone has had to adapt in numerous ways. This is most evident in the workforce. As people transitioned into working from home, the way we work had to change with it.

Professionals working remotely needed new ways to get their work done. PDF files remain a top choice amongst workers. This is because there are so many things you can do with it.

We have constructed a list of 6 unexpected things you can do with PDF. Read on to learn more!

1. Kindle Conversion

Would you like to view your PDF files on your Kindle? Newer generations of Kindles ought to convert them automatically. If you have an older model, you just need to send an email to your Kindle e-mail address.

When you wish to convert a file to PDF via Kindle, just put “convert” in the subject line.

2. Whiteboard Notes

Whether at work or in class, you don’t want to miss the crucial information. If you don’t have time to type everything up or write everything down, we have a better solution. First, you’ll want to take a picture of the whiteboard notes.

Once on your phone, you’ll want to upload the images to the cloud. From there, you can then download and save it as a PDF. Learning how to make a pdf file has never been simpler.

Other than notes, you can scan books and other documents and turn them into PDF files.

3. Portfolios

Did you know you can combine PDF files for free? That’s exactly what you can do with PDF portfolios. If you have different file types, why not package them in an organized manner?

You have a bevy of themes, color palettes, and layouts to choose from. You can even incorporate your brand’s logo.

4. Photo Album

If you have your photos stored in a single folder, you’re bound to run into the problem of sending an e-mail to someone. Reduce the PDF file size to easily send your images to whoever you desire.

You can even create categories like dates or events and save them as a PDF. When browsing through images, you will be able to find the PDF files much quicker this way.

5. Sign Documents

When you have important documents to sign or need someone to sign, the Fill & Sign tool is one of Acrobat’s best features. By using the Forms tool, you can insert custom fields into your PDF files. The document will then auto-populate your name as a signature.

You are free to customize this signature as well using a certified signature stamp or choosing one of the predetermined typefaces.

6. Save Websites

You won’t always have WiFi. It is best not to take this for granted and to plan. If you know you will be traveling soon, you can download and save websites and online references.

If you ever find yourself offline, you can easily do your research with your newly saved PDF files. If you are a coder, you could read your HTML as a PDF with pdfsharp.


Are you impressed with all the things you can do with PDF files? We know we are. Your co-workers will be impressed at all you can do.

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