Best Training In Devops And Product Owner

Achieve The Best Training In Devops And Product Owner

With the increase in professional courses like SAFe Framework, Scrum, Product Owner, DevOps and more, we have brought you the best DevOps Training and Certification in Hyderabad. DevOps is a professional course that includes communication, automation and the ability to manage workflow between the software developers and other professionals in the IT field. This course covers code automation, deployment, management and monitoring the applications.

The Objective of training in DevOps:

  • Increases the DevOps objective and vocabulary.
  • Provides a great benefit to the business.
  • Helps in managing and improving workflow.
  • Increases the performance and success factors.
  • Also includes learning technologies like Agile, Lean and Information Technology Service Management.
  • Learning testing with selenium
  • Knowledge about GIT workflow

DevOps Certification:
DevOps is a professional course that requires hard work and dedication. There is continuous learning in this field, so it is very important that you invest your time and money in choosing the right institute to learn it. This is a 16 hours long certified training course that starts from the very basic, includes unique exercises and concepts.

An additional source of information and study material is also given. If you want to get certified in this you must attain a 65% minimum in the 60 minute’s exam. The certification provided is government-issued and will be necessary for any future DevOps certification courses.

Start Product Owner Training in Hyderabad
This training is specially designed for those who have a love for business. There is a Certified Scrum Product Owner certification for those who want to become product owners. Xebia Academy is the leading institute for Product Owner Training in Hyderabad. As such for a requirement you don’t need any expertize in any specific field to start this training as a product manager. This training is ideal for professionals like Business Analysts, Product Managers, software developers, and others. All you need to do is, pass the certification test.

Benefits of this training:

  • You will get a chance to become a product owner in a scrum team.
  • Will get a chance to engage with Agile practitioner for better outputs and improvements.
  • Learn to create a high-value product by managing the team workflow.
  • Will get to work in a large organization and manage people working under you as a leader.
  • Creating a better product and delivering work on time.

First, you need to get enrolled in 14-16 hours of product owner training course. After you have completed your Product Owner training you will get exam access, valid for only one attempt. You will also get access to free mock tests for practices.

After you have practiced enough on mock tests, you will get to attempt an online exam of 80 questions that include MCQ’s and other. Once you have taken up your product owner online exam you will get a lifetime valid Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) certification.

The one-stop solution for both DevOps Training and Certification in Hyderabad as well as Product Owner Training in Hyderabad is Xebia Academy. They provide the best training program with best study material, professional staff and genuine certifications from the organization.