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Advantages of Biodegradable Packaging Materials


The environment is a significant cause of worry for individual, communities and even companies today. Each industry, each event, each festival, and each adventure today needs to basically address the ecological issues. Organizations, government, and huge brands are notwithstanding going a step forward with all this by making each and every possible move towards keeping up a flawless and great condition for the generations to come.

Practicing environmental awareness and endeavors towards keeping up and safeguarding the widely varied vegetation of the earth is a part of all companies’ social responsibilities.

The packaging industry is no more an exception, and it is making all-out efforts to save the environment in the following ways-

Biodegradable Food Packaging: Food packaging has become a vast industry today. Endeavors on part of the industry to go green are unquestionably mandatory for positive changes. Biodegradable food packaging with the help of chemically treated films has now become a new trend which has found immense popularity among the consumers across the globe. They are lighter in weight, very easy to dispose of and affordable option when compared to various other regular food packaging materials.

Biodegradable Food Packaging Trays: Biodegradable food packaging trays are being heavily utilized for pressing vegetables and organic products. These biodegradable trays have truly supported the sales of various foods grown from the ground on account of the visual intrigue and the little packs, which make some costly leafy foods moderate. Such kind of packaging additionally keeps food items fresh, new and clean.

Biodegradable Food Containers: Biodegradable food containers are utilized fundamentally for pressing foods and transporting them in an efficient manner. Containers are utilized primarily for delivery purposes and better storage of food. Biodegradable containers have also proved their worth as the most successful replacement when it comes to packaging dairy products and various other canned foods.

Paper Bags and Pouches: Biodegradable paper sacks are utilized primarily to serve carrying purposes. So many popular brands in the food business have moved to paper packs, for instance, Mac Donald’s.

Keeping in view the ever-growing demand for high-quality biodegradable packaging stuff, reputed Indian manufacturers of chemically treated PET film are providing their customers with fully customized packaging materials.

Some other significant films offered by Indian manufacturers include the following:

  • High barrier metalized films (as an Aluminium foil replacement)
  • Twist film
  • High matte and high friction (COF) film
  • Transparent BOPP heat sealable and non-heat sealable
  • Solid white Film
  • Matte film
  • Coex Films
  • Pearlized film
  • Label BOPP Film
  • Opaque film
  • Release film
  • Tape and Textile film
  • Metallise BOPP films with 5 Brukner and 2 Dornier line with a current capacity of 251,000 TPA.

These packaging films provide best-in-class performance and durability in a wide range of packaging, pharmacy, confectionery, home purposes, industrial lamination, and PET food applications.

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