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Are pet corn snakes friendly?

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Are pet corn snakes friendly?

Corn snakes (pantherophis guttatus) are a small, non venomous snake native to the eastern United States. Like most non venomous constrictors native to North America, they belong to the “colubrid” family. This includes other snakes commonly kept as pets, such as milk and king snakes.

If you, like many others, have taken an interest in keeping one of these unique desert-colored reptiles as a pet, you may have a few questions. Namely, you would want to know a bit about its temperament and how friendly it can be. With this article, you will learn all about corn snake behavior, and hopefully a little bit more about how to keep your pet happy and healthy. 

Are They Friendly?

If you are wondering whether or not corn snakes make for a low-key, non-aggressive pet that can hang out with you for hours with little issue, then yes. Well socialized, properly handled corn snakes can be very friendly. A healthy, well-adjusted snake should not hiss, hide, or otherwise be distressed or fearful in your presence.  If your snake is showing any general signs of distress, seek out medical attention or review your husbandry. Some signs that your corn snake may be stressed include:

●       Loss of appetite/refusing to eat.

●       Worsening body condition.

●       Frequent hissing.

●       Regurgitation and diarrhea.

●       Tail rattling.

Overall, if your snake’s behavior has suddenly shifted for the worse in any way, it would be a good idea to seek out a vet.

Do They Like to Cuddle?

While pet corn snakes can be tolerant of handling and are docile pets, the question still remains whether or not these are excitable, affectionate companions. While there are a variety of personal anecdotes where people state that their snake is fairly responsive to their presence, expectations should still be tempered with these reptiles. They will not demand cuddles, respond to their names, or appear to be receptive to your affection.

With that being said, there are still benefits to having a pet that isn’t necessarily obsessed with you. They won’t become anxious when you’re away, tear up furniture, or have high emotional needs that you need to worry about.

Keeping Your Corn Snake Happy

If you are looking at corn snakes for sale, it is generally a good idea to familiarize yourself with their basic care before taking the next step. Without a doubt, one of the easiest and best ways you can keep your corn snake happy and friendly is to make sure it has what it needs through proper husbandry practices. That means making sure your tank is large enough (typically 40 gallons for an adult and 10 for a hatchling). You also need to consistently ensure that humidity and temperature levels are correct, and that your snake has both a “cool” spot and a “warm” spot to relax and bask in. Over-handling your pet, or handling it during inopportune moments (such as after it eats or after a vet visit), can cause them undue stress.

Final Thoughts on Corn Snakes

If you are considering taking home a corn snake to add to your family, you’re in good company. There is an entire community of dedicated reptile keepers that will be more than happy to share in your excitement and help in your journey. If you are looking at corn snakes for sale, be sure to acquire one from a reputable distributor that cares for the safety of their stock.  

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