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Are you ready to take on a new exhilarating hobby this year?

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Are you ready to take on a new exhilarating hobby this year?

2022 is the year to get your heart racing, and there’s no better way to do that than by riding mountain bikes. You get a workout, a breath of fresh air in nature, and the ride of your life all in one activity.

But the first step to successful mountain biking is to have a great bike to use. You want to choose something that fits your needs and how you like to ride.

Take a look at these bikes and see if one of them fits your style. They might be what helps you take the plunge into bicycle ownership.

1. XC Down Country Bikes

Light, nimble bikes are the trend in 2022, and that is especially evident with the popularization of XC bikes for trail riding.

These bikes are also known as down-country bikes. They provide the rider with more movement and offer a more enjoyable, lighter, and sleeker ride. You’ll easily tackle challenging trails when riding an XC bike.

Consider an XC electric bike if you’re not that fit or need help on those uphills. It will help you travel farther than ever before.

2. Diet E-Bikes

If you’re looking to find an electric mountain bike that doesn’t weigh you down, take a look at the e-bike offerings from Diet. These light electric bikes will offer you a boost of power without the hefty components coming along for the ride.

Diet focuses on lightweight batteries that can double your power on the trail without the weight. Many brands are also hopping on the trend, so if you’re looking for these specialized mountain bikes, you’ll soon be spoiled for choice.

3. Mullet Bikes

A mullet bike is a unique design that features a bigger wheel up front than at the back. This is an excellent bike for riders who tend to be on the shorter side and hate that uneven bouncing on the back that happens when they’re out on the trail.

You can find these mountain bikes for sale in different shapes and sizes, but generally, they offer good agility and strong wheels to help any rider get around. This bike is making a big comeback in 2022, so keep your eye out. Don’t be shy to give it a test ride if you see one.

Top of the Mountain Bikes

If you’re new to trail riding and mountain bikes, you probably weren’t aware of all the categories within the umbrella term “mountain bikes.” There are a lot of innovative designs to choose from, and each offers you a unique riding experience. 

When you’re looking at mountain bikes for sale, consider how you like to ride and what would be a good fit for your style and the terrain you prefer. Riding the wrong bike can be at best uncomfortable and at worst dangerous. Take your time selecting a model that will suit you and your needs.

If this article helped you better understand the types of mountain bikes coming up this year, keep reading on our website.