Best Quality Water Heating Elements

All electric heaters are equipped with heat generating elements known as heating elements. The key function of heating elements is to convert electrical energy into heat energy. The heating elements can be used to heat both air and fluids. There are many types of heating elements like immersion heating element, quartz heating element, flexible heating element, infrared heating element, wire heating element, ceramic heating element, electric heating element, metal based heating element etc.

We all use heating elements without even knowing about them. All our home appliances like Chapati Makers, Hot Plate, Dryers, Electric Kettles, Fan Heaters, Hookah Water Pipes, Irons, Microwave Ovens, OTG Tandoors, Refrigerators, Rice Cookers, Solar Heaters, Toasters, and Washing Machines etc are equipped with heating elements.

Not everyone have all these appliances at home. Many people prefer to drink water at room temperature; many housewives and mothers do not prefer chapatti makers, hot plates or even rice cookers for cooking purposes. But everyone has Geysers, Immersion Heaters, Immersion Rods, and Storage Water Heaters that are equipped with water heating elements.

With the arrival of winters everyone wants to take a bath in hot water. Soaking your body in a bathtub full of hot water can give you immense pleasures. Also, bathing in hot water have many benefits. A hot bath can relive muscle pain and stress, provides relaxation to your muscles, joints and tendons, open your clogged skin pores and hence cleaning it thoroughly, eliminates neck and shoulder pain, provide relief from cramps, helps in reducing headache, provides relief from cold, boost your sleep and even elevate your mood.

But what if your water heater or geysers lack a good quality heating element? What if the immersion heaters and immersion rods, and other heating elements are not made from good quality materials like Incoloy 800, 825, Stainless steel 304, 321, 316, 316L, MS, Nickel, Copper, Aluminum, Titanium, and Inconel. What if the water heating elements in your water heaters or geysers are poor and do not give you protection against overheating, over-pressure and dry heating. If your storage water heaters fail to qualify these three conditions then you can never enjoy a hot water bath without worrying about your own protection. Before buy water heaters makes sure that it consist of electric resistance healing element. Also check that the heating element is tested and certified.

While buying water storage heaters, immersion rods or immersion heaters make sure that you buy appliances from brands that use high quality heating elements supplied by the leading companies. Some companies like Sunrise Products, Kerone, Theeta, Bharat Heaters Industries etc manufacture best quality heating elements. These companies have established their name amongst the top water heating element manufacturers. These companies manufacture heating elements by using cutting edge technology. Latest 3d soft-wares are used to manufacture heating elements that have precise dimensions. The heating elements offered by the company have diameter 6.5 mm to 16mm and lengths up to 8 meters. All the heating elements-be it domestic or industrial, are designed to meet standard safety measures. Company like Theeta manufactures and supplies products to leading domestic and multinational companies like Crompton Greaves, Sunflame, Usha, Philips, Venus, and Bajaj Electricals. Theeta is known for manufacturing heating elements that are tested as per Indian Standards Institute (ISI) requirements.