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If you like Hearts, Euchre, or Canasta, you will love CallBreak (Spades). CallBreak is a popular card game in India now available on the Google Play Store. This game is a brain game: it will provide tons of mental exercise while providing hours of fun and entertainment. You can play another popular game, Poker, with our app. This game requires quick thinking and is equally fun and exciting.


The origin of call break game paytm cash is unknown, but many believe it was taken from the game based on Spades tactics. Call Break (also known as Lakdi / Lakadi) is a popular card game in Nepal and India. In CallBreak the word hand is used instead of cheating, and the phone is used instead of bid. After each agreement, each player must dial the number of hands he or she can shoot, and the goal is to shoot at least as many hands in a round and try to break the other player, that is, to prevent them from getting their hands. call.

Deal & Call

CallBreak is a four-player card game with a shovel like a trumpet card. CallBreak uses a standard 52-card deck. There are five rounds of play (deals) in the game. The first dealer is randomly selected, and the cards are considered counter-clockwise for the first dealer. Each player receives 13 cards, and the game begins with each player claiming his or her winning hands. The first player to call him is the remaining player in the dealer. After the first player puts in his phone, the calls are clocked until four players have dialed.

A game you can play

After the incoming call, the player closest to the seller made the first move. The first player throws any card, but the suit thrown by the first player will be the best suit. The other three players must follow the same suit. If the remaining players do not have this suit at all, they should break it with a trump card (which is a spade card of any level). If they do not have a rank, they can discard any other card. The highest lead card wins the hand, but if the lead suit is broken with shovels, a high quality spade card will hold the hand. The winner of the hand leads the next hand. This proceeds to 13 hands after which the next agreement begins.


After each round, each player receives a score update. When a player holds at least as many hands as his calls, the player gets a point in each hand. When a player holds extra hands, he gets one-tenth of a point (0.10) for each extra hand. For example, if a player bet three calls and hold four hands, he will be awarded 3.1 points. However, if the player does not hold at least as many hands as his calls, the player gets a bad point in each hand. For example, if a player bet four calls and hold both hands, he will be awarded 2 points.

The result

At the end of the fifth round, the player who scores the most goals wins.


Poker is one of the easiest games ever played and is probably the first game people learn to play in India.

The rules are simple. Poker is a card game played with an odd number of cards (5, 7, 9, 11). After each player has the required number of cards in hand, the top card of the remaining stack decides a ‘joke.’ Each player now has to make a pair of cards so that each pair equals a ‘joke’ number. Until the pairs are formed, players throw cards, take cards out of place or hold cards discarded by other players. The player who can make all two of his cards first wins the online cash game .

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