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Cheers to Global Champagne Day


Let us raise our champagne glasses and make a toast to celebrate Global Champagne Day this fourth Friday of October.

Champagne is sometimes called the wine of happiness and excellence. 

It is a bubbly, sparkling wine from the Champagne wine region of France. Most champagnes are produced with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grapes. However, other champagnes are also made from smaller amounts of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Arbane, and Petit Meslier. 

Fine dining restaurants can take advantage of the holiday to celebrate champagne’s diverse taste and texture. 

You can employ a QR code menu software to quickly highlight the champagne selection on your interactive online ordering page. Customers can quickly scan the QR code menu, browse the online ordering page, place an order, and pay while indulging in a comfortable fine dining experience.

Know more about champagne and how it can help drive customer traffic to your restaurant.

Fun Facts about Champagne

Champagne is always about elegance, fine dining, and luxury. It is a beverage served at parties and fine dining restaurants. 

Aside from that, here are other fun facts about champagne.

Champagne originated from the Champagne wine region of France

The old sea floor formerly covered this area. It enables locals to make champagne from a perfect grape plantation.

Champagne wines have different types

The different types of champagne wines depend on the sugar levels of the beverage. Extra brut, for example, is the driest form of famous champagne sparkling wines. Aside from that, there are brut, extra dry, sec, and demi-sec. 

There is a $2.07M bottle of champagne

The most expensive champagne bottle is the 2013 Taste of Diamonds. It combines Grand Cru Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. 

2013 Taste of Diamonds has a handcrafted logo from 18-carat gold and a 19-carat white diamond accent. 

Champagne has millions of bubbles

During the second fermentation of champagne beverages, sugar and yeast are added, which creates bubbles. It has two ingredients that react to form carbon dioxide making 49 million bubbles trapped in champagne bottles.

Champagne contains antioxidants

Antioxidants in champagne shield blood vessels from harm. It also lowers bad cholesterol and avoids blood clots.

Additionally, it reduces diabetes risk by 13%. It includes fewer calories than red and white wine and proteins that are helpful for short-term memory.

Now that we know some fun facts about champagnes consider these marketing ideas to drive traffic to your fine dining restaurant.

Marketing strategies for Global Champagne Day

People drink champagne at celebrations, but don’t let this stop you from pouring a bottle of champagne into your fine dining restaurant.

Take note of these marketing strategies to invite customers in your fine dining restaurant to share a pop of a bottle of champagne.

Invite customers to a Champagne Tasting event

Reach out to your target customers and invite them to a champagne-tasting event in your fine dining restaurant. 

Invite with the corresponding menu QR code to let your customers see the expected champagne bottles you prepared for the event.

Aside from that, also take this opportunity to invite your guests to dine in your fine dining restaurant and pair the champagnes they choose with the best entrees and meals on your interactive menu. 

Using the menu QR code, allow your customers to scan the code, choose in the meal section to place an order, and pay (if they opt to pay cashless) autonomously.

This is a great strategy to drive customers to your fine dining restaurant while enjoying a bottle of champagne.

Pair up a bottle of champagne with a meal 

Offer your target customers some meal entrees and main course meals that go well with a bottle of champagne. 

Use the menu QR code to cross-sell a risotto or pasta to a brut Champagne. Aside from that, you can also include in your interactive menu QR code some fish, seafood, and lobsters as meals to pair with a bottle of brut champagne.

Desserts also go well with champagnes. Pair some demi-sec champagne with a non-sweet dessert like berries, shortbread, pound cake, tart, and other desserts. Chocolates are also good to pair up with an extra-dry or demi-sec champagne.

Extend the celebration on social media

Use the features of a QR code menu software to create promotions on your restaurant website. You can also extend the festivities on your social media accounts.

Allow your customers to tag your restaurant and inform them about the hashtag #CheersToGlobalChampagneDay as part of their captions.

Final thoughts

Let’s make a toast to everyone celebrating Global Champagne Day. Make this an annual tradition and partner up with stores that serve champagnes in your local area. 

Invite customers to visit your fine dining restaurant and drive customer traffic. This will make you boost your branding and sales in the market.

Always choose a QR code menu software in catering to customers with streamlined and tailored services.

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