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Choosing the Right Saree from an Online Store


According to a survey, women are more interested in buying various items online. And there is a good reason for that. Take Saari, for example. Did you know that there’s a wide selection of designer and traditional sarees available online that are accessible to everyone? 

Perhaps no other garment can be draped in so many ways as the saree, and each variation has its own beauty. It’s only natural that those who wish to wear the saree on special occasions may be concerned about whether the saree they want to buy is truly the “one” or not. 

The internet has revolutionized online saree shopping in the UAE and other countries. Today, many women consider buying sarees online a good idea. But how can you buy the right Saree from an online store? Soon, you’ll find the answer to all your questions.

What Is Saree?

The saree is a classical Indian garment that dates back to the Vedic era. The way the saree is worn and made has changed throughout the years. However, the saree is still one of the most popular clothing articles among Indian women. 

Thanks to its popularity, you can order sarees online in different colors, patterns, materials, and designs. Sarees emphasize your individual style and draw attention to your body features. Wearing a beautiful saree can quickly change your look from average to unique.

Choosing Indian Saree Online

When choosing an Indian saree online, you should consider a number of parameters, including the saree’s latest trends, texture, design, and your physical features.

Fabric & Style

Sarees come in many different fabrics and styles, including: prints, Bandani (tie-dyed), handwoven, embroidered, Brasso, and Zari (fine gold fibers.) Any saree’s fabric and style is immediately noticeable on any website in detail.

Body Features

These days, the most common length for a saree is about six yards. But depending on your body shape and style of wearing the saree, you can choose a specific length. While shopping for sarees, most online choices include sarees of four, six, eight ( obsolete today) or nine yards.

Trends & Designs

Finding the most beautiful saree is not so hard once you familiarize yourself with the right fashion trends. There are indeed numerous choices and limited time, but that’s the only way you can find the perfect saree. 

For example, wedding trends mostly include red and golden Zari sarees. And printed cotton sarees are the best for everyday wear. You should also consider the following designs and trends before buying a saree online:

  • Sarees with attached blouses
  • Interwoven designs (the reversible saree).
  • Printed floral motifs and themes
  • Sarees with/without pallu
  • Solid color sarees with designer pallu, or vice versa
  • Sarees with/without borders, or with borders on both sides

Matching Accessories

Since a saree is a piece of cloth that is not stitched, it can be borrowed from siblings, in-laws and friends. One of the ways to personalize the saree is to find the exact matching blouse and petticoat that are made specifically for the person (and cannot be borrowed).

Wearing The Best Saree 

Now that you have chosen your saree and are ready to wear it, the following tips will be helpful:

  • If you’re invited to an event and a saree is your clothing of choice, check the time of the event. If it’s during the day, light colors are fine, but darker tones look better for the evening.
  • A net saree is not a good idea in cold weather; wear silk instead.
  • Always put on your heels before draping the saree. This way, your saree won’t slip and looks great.
  • Pay attention to your height and complexion. If you are tall, you can buy a saree with large motifs, but if you are short, you should choose delicate and smaller sarees.
  • Do you feel comfortable wearing bright or vibrant colors? Make sure that the border has a matching color. 
  • When buying a heavily embroidered saree, choose a recognized shop because, over time, the embroidery material will turn black if high-quality materials are not used.
  • Iron your saree regularly; the result will be much better.

Bottom Line

Indian fashion and dresses like sarees ceaselessly attract attention by flaunting the country’s cultural heritage and tradition. Cotton and silk sarees from different parts of India have been appreciated for many years due to their fine fabrics like Kanchipuram, Vanarasi, South India, Mysore silk, Chanderi silk, and many others. 

Many women have expressed their interest in buying sarees online in the UAE. Giving one of these sarees to a lady will make her feel more appreciated and honored. You can also order sarees online and gift them to your loved ones on important occasions like weddings, festivals, and birthdays.

If done right, buying sarees online is undoubtedly a convenient and hassle-free option. On the Zeresouq website, you will find a wide range of sarees to choose from. All you have to do is select your favorite item and complete the purchase process.

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