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Cleaning Things Up 6 Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Laundry Machines

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Cleaning Things Up 6 Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Laundry Machines

Did you know that the manufacturing market for commercial laundry machines is expected to grow to almost $675 million in 2022?

With the increase, you might find yourself wanting to join the laundry industry. But do you know where to start? What should you search for in your machines, and how can you know you’re buying from the right dealer?

Luckily, we’re here to help answer some of those questions. Read on for six of the best tips out there.

1. Size and Capacity

To start, you’re going to need to figure out the proper size and capacity for your needs. If you need to be able to wash sheets and other large items, it’s crucial to ensure the machines you purchase are going to accommodate that.

You’ll also need to measure the space to ensure the machines you choose will fit through your doors for installation.

Remember, a hospital or laundromat is going to need something much bigger than a hair salon would need. Be sure to take the setting’s needs into account above all else.

2. Energy Efficiency

A lot of newer laundry machines are going to offer eco-friendly alternatives to older machines, meaning you’ll be able to cut back on water and electricity you’d usually use to do laundry. This can make a big difference for not only the environment but also your monthly energy costs and overall revenue.

Being able to control things like temperature, water levels, spin cycles, and even the time limit can make a huge difference in the long run. With so many options available today, it’s simple to find programmable machines that are up to the task. Some can even come with an app that tracks the number of cycles, and when the machine needs maintenance!

If you run a laundromat, there are even options that accept cards rather than coins, giving you the option for cashless operations. In most cases, you’ll distribute a card that patrons carry to operate the machines, and they’ll be able to add money with cash or card as needed.

Not only does this make tracking revenue simpler and safer, but it also makes the controls easier to repair once they’ve been damaged.

That doesn’t mean coin operations should be discounted, though. You can search here for more coin-operated machine options.

3. Budget-Friendly

Considering your budget is another important factor to consider when you’re shopping for new machines.

It’s best to not simply go for the cheapest option here, though. Spend some time searching out a machine with a great reputation. They’re going to last a lot longer, and you’re going to be able to depend on the purchase you’re making.

So, search for a deal, but make sure you’re not going to break the bank of repairs later down the line.

4. Is the Dealer a Reputable One?

It’s best to buy your commercial laundry equipment from a dealer you can trust. That means one who can service your machines after they’ve been purchased, and ensuring there’s a warranty that can cover any work you might need to have done.

One with a great guarantee means they’re willing to stand by their equipment, which can mean a lot when you’re trying to find the best option on the market.

When you’re working with someone, you want to make sure they’ll follow you through every step of the process — buying, installing, maintaining, repairing, and everything in between.

5. Ask For Recommendations

If you feel stuck in your search, it’s a great idea to dig around and ask for recommendations. You can turn to people in your area, or you can get online. Whether it’s for dealers that can help or the equipment itself, the people around you can be great sources for information.

From there, you can head over to the manufacturer’s website to see whether the machine you’re looking at will be able to meet your services or not. You might also be able to search for reviews on their website to fuel your search even further.

To test a supplier out for yourself, try giving them a call with all your questions. You’ll be able to figure out how knowledgeable they are, and how their policies might work for you and your business. You’ll also be able to tell whether you like their customer service and the people in that department.

These recommendations paired with your personal experience are going to be able to help you purchase a great machine from a great company that you want to keep working with.

6. How’s the Warranty?

Finally, we’re on to the most underrated part of making any big purchase — how is the product’s warranty?

Some manufacturers have a lifetime guarantee with their machines. You usually have to register the product, but they’ll be able to provide free help and sometimes a free replacement if you have extensive issues with your machine.

Suppliers themselves will also have warranties, and this might be the most important one to look at. You want to ensure they’ll be able to fix any problem you might experience with your machine, as well as have regular maintenance performed as it’s needed.

Remember These Tips for Choosing Commercial Laundry Machines

If you find yourself in need of commercial laundry machines, remembering these tips can help you through the entire process. They’ll be able to help you provide better laundry services for whoever you serve, and you’ll ensure you’re saving money in the process. Remember, the best is always going to be what’s in your budget, but still gets the job done.

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