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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Upgrading Gel Blaster Parts

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Upgrading Gel Blaster Parts

Upgrading your gel blaster gun can be a fun and exciting experience for any avid enthusiast. However, it is essential to know what you are doing before upgrading parts to avoid common mistakes that could potentially ruin your experience or, even worse, damage your gel blasters themselves. Often lack of knowledge surrounding upgrade processes leads to unintentionally costly repairs and issues with functionality down the line! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common mistakes made when modifying or replacing gel blaster parts so that enthusiastic modders can maximize their safety, refresh their knowledge base on proper upgrade procedures, and ensure successful upgrades every time.

Upgrading gel blaster parts can significantly enhance your gel blaster’s performance and overall experience. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the gel blaster community, upgrading your gel blaster parts can be an exciting endeavour. However, it’s essential to proceed cautiously to avoid costly mistakes that may lead to subpar performance or damage to your equipment.

Common mistakes to steer clear of when upgrading gel blaster parts

Lack of Research

One of the most common and critical mistakes is diving into the upgrade process without conducting thorough research. It’s crucial to understand the compatibility of gel blaster parts and accessories, the type of gel blaster you own, and how each upgrade will affect performance. Spend time reading forums, watching videos, and seeking advice from experienced gel blaster enthusiasts to gather as much information as possible.

Low-Quality Aftermarket Parts

While aftermarket parts can be more affordable, they can also be lower quality than genuine products or high-end upgrades. Using cheap or poorly manufactured parts may reduce performance, decrease accuracy, and even damage your gel blaster. Invest in reputable brands and quality upgrades to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

Incorrect Installation

Proper installation is vital for the success of any upgrade. Rushing through the process or ignoring manufacturer instructions can lead to issues like misalignment, malfunctions, and even safety hazards. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and, if necessary, seek help from experienced individuals or professional technicians.

Overdoing Upgrades

It’s easy to get carried away with upgrading every part of your gel blaster. However, overloading your blaster with multiple upgrades without considering their compatibility and synergy can result in diminished performance. Choose upgrades that complement each other and align with your intended use for other parts of the blaster.

Neglecting Maintenance

Upgrading your gel blaster is just the beginning; maintaining it is equally important. Failing to clean and lubricate your gel blaster regularly can lead to performance issues, jamming, and decreased lifespan of the upgraded parts. Develop a maintenance routine and adhere to it diligently.

Ignoring Safety Precautions

Safety should always be a top priority when upgrading gel blaster parts. Avoid modifications that can increase the blaster’s power beyond safe limits, especially if you plan to use it in organized games or events. Always wear appropriate safety gear when handling your gel blaster; never point it at people or animals.

Rushing Performance Testing

After upgrading your gel blaster, take the time to test its performance thoroughly before taking it into games or skirmishes. Rushing to try the blaster without ensuring its reliability can lead to unexpected malfunctions during crucial moments.


Upgrading gel blaster parts can be an exciting journey, but it’s crucial to approach it with the proper knowledge and caution. Avoiding these common mistakes will ensure better performance and save you from unnecessary expenses and frustration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common mistakes to avoid when upgrading gel blaster parts? 

Some common mistakes to avoid when upgrading gel blaster parts include the following items:

  • Refrain from proper maintenance and cleaning before upgrades.
  • Choosing incompatible or low-quality parts for your gel blaster.
  • Only install the new features with appropriate knowledge and guidance.
  • Over-upgrading the gel blaster, which may lead to reduced performance or damage.
  • Refrain from taking safety precautions when handling and modifying gel blasters.

How important is it to research and choose compatible parts for my gel blaster?

Researching and choosing compatible parts for your gel blaster is crucial. Incompatible elements can lead to performance issues, reduced accuracy, and even damage to the gel gas blaster. Always verify the parts’ compatibility with your specific model and consult with experts if needed.

  • Are there any specific maintenance tasks to perform before upgrading my gel blaster? Yes, performing some maintenance tasks before upgrading your gel blaster is essential. These include:
    • Cleaning the gel blaster thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris that may affect the new parts.
    • Lubricating the internal components properly to ensure smooth functioning.
    • Checking for any existing damage or wear that might need to be addressed before the upgrades.

Can I upgrade multiple parts simultaneously, or is it better to do one at a time? 

While upgrading multiple parts at once may be tempting, it’s generally better to do it one at a time. This allows you to observe the impact of each upgrade and identify any potential issues that may arise. When you make changes incrementally, it’s easier to troubleshoot and fine-tune the blaster’s performance.

Is there a risk of damaging my gel blaster while upgrading parts?

Yes, there is a risk of damaging your gel blaster if upgrades are not done correctly. Mishandling parts, improper installation, or using incompatible components can lead to malfunctions or breakages. Following proper guidelines, seeking expert advice, and being cautious throughout the upgrade process is crucial.

What safety precautions should I take when upgrading my gel blaster?

Safety should always be a priority when working with gel blasters. Some safety precautions to consider include the following:

  • Ensuring the blaster is unloaded and free of gel balls before starting any work.
  • Using safety goggles or eyewear to protect your eyes from potential debris or parts flying off during disassembly.
  • Working in a well-ventilated area and keeping the blaster away from open flames or heat sources.
  • Following the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations during the upgrade process.

Can I use any upgrade parts for my gel blaster, or should I stick to the same brand as the blaster?

It’s generally recommended to use upgrade parts from reputable brands that produce high-quality gel blaster components. While some third-party features may work well, using details from the same brand as your stock gel blaster can increase the likelihood of compatibility and optimal performance. Always do thorough research and read reviews before purchasing any upgrade parts.

What do I do if my gel blaster performance declines after upgrades?

If your gel blaster’s performance declines after upgrades, double-check the installation of the new upgrade parts, to ensure they are correctly fitted. If everything seems in order, consider if any components are incompatible or if there might be issues caused by over-upgrading. Troubleshoot each upgrade individually to identify the source of the problem and seek help from experienced gel blaster enthusiasts or technicians if needed.


Like any other hobby, your gel blaster must be treated with care and respect. Avoid the common mistakes mentioned by researching the gel blaster parts before upgrading and opting for quality options that will last. While trying and outdo the opposition can be tempting, safety must come first. Your gel blaster is for recreational use only, so ensure you keep it in top shape; as such, abide by local laws about this hobbyist equipment! Doing so will not only help protect your safety – it’ll help ensure the future enjoyment of this viral activity for years to come! Remember to have fun as you upgrade and maintain your gel blaster. After all, when it comes down at the end of the day, we are just playing with toy guns – embrace that fact!