After this pandemic, there is no space for certainty. Any disasters can take place anytime. Hence, there is no guarantee of your health even. We do not want our health to deteriorate. There is no guarantee that our health will not be affected by any of the life-taking disorders. Nowadays, medical costs are at the peak point. People are running to earn money day and night to save their future. But if your family or you get struck by an unplanned harmful disease then, it can cause devastation to your mental and financial stability. Hence, it is beneficial for you to take critical illness insurance for yourself.

What does critical illness insurance means?

Critical illness insurance is an agreement where the insurance firm promises to provide medical coverage if the insured faces specific critical disorders. The treatment of this critical life taking diseases includes a lot of expenses. Especially in the private sector, the charges of doctors, tests, etc can make a hole in your wallet. 

Apart from hospitalization, this critical disorder can make you visit the consultant for considerable times and you may have to go through numerous tests. This can cost you a huge amount of money. To help you get relief from this excess burden, the insurance company has introduced Care illness insurance that provides the insured a handsome amount of money to pay for medical expenditure apart from hospitalization.

Many people often ignore getting critical illness insurance because they prioritize hospitalization charges only. But the sum up of all the medical expenditures apart from hospitalization can be a huge amount. Most of the time people unknowingly spent all their savings to pay this expenditure and when they realize they are already in the middle of the road at that time they have nothing to do apart from regret.

Why should you choose critical health insurance after having mediclaim?

It is high time for people to realize that mediclaim can only cover the expenditure of hospitalization only if the insured faces an accident. Many mediclaim does not cover all the medical charges. If you choose private sectors for your treatment then it can cost you a lump sum amount of money. 

Hence, getting coverage of critical health insurance from an established insurance company can be beneficial for you because your mediclaim can protect you from hospitalization but your additional coverage of critical health insurance will protect you from unplanned medical expenditures, say, consultation charges, medicine costs, test charges, etc.

Critical ailments are uncertain hence, do not think that you can save your money till the date you get affected by some serious disease. If you do so then you will end losing every penny you saved. 

Significance of Critical Illness Insurance 

Listed below are the significance or specialty of care illness insurance

  • Handsome money:-  Critical Illness Insurance ensures that the insurance company will provide a handsome amount of capital equivalent to the medical costs like the doctor’s fees, medicine charges, etc. If the insured of the policy is going through the treatment of certain life-threatening diseases.

This policy can prevent you and your family from stressing about your medical costs when you are not able to arrange capital for your treatment.

  • Easy renewal:- Now in this digital age, everything is done within one click. This has made the communication between the client and the company much easier. Many times the offline renewal can be great hectic that is why the insurance company has understood your need and made the renewal policy online so that you can renew it sitting anywhere in India.
  • It gives tax benefits:-  Due to some legal policy the payment of the Critical Illness Insurance is free from tax. Hence, it saves some amount of your money which you can invest in any other potential thing.
  • Mental peace:- Critical Insurance can give you freedom from all the stress related to medical costs. This is a wise decision for you to make because in the future you may not have those savings to pay the expenditure of medical costs. This policy saves your time now and ensures that you do not waste your valuable time thinking about your future ailments.
  • It can even finance foreign treatment:- Under the critical illness insurance policy, the insured is paid a handsome amount of money for the treatment of life-threatening ailments irrespective of the country. In other words, if are insured with critical illness insurance then you will be paid a handsome amount of money for your treatment, and they will even sanction you the money if you want foreign treatment.


You should get your policy done by a company that understands your needs. For example, you can take a policy from Care health insuranceCare health insurance understands the needs of their client and tries to give the best possible deals in their client’s budgets. Care health insurance ensures with their facilities that their client does not stress about future circumstances.

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