Custom Design Hottest Trend in Jewelry Styles This Spring

February 19, 2014, Danville, VA-What seems to be the latest craze in the world of jewelry actually goes back to when jewelry was first created. Handmade jewelry, designed by artisans who serve years as apprentices to learn how to express their creativity through jewelry, is being found in more and more jewelry stores across the country. Couple this new crop of talented craftspeople with changes in technology that allow for creating individual pieces of jewelry that are no more expensive than what the mass produced jewelry costs, and a person can easily see why this is suddenly the fastest growing segment of the jewelry business.

“The explosion of the internet has created the ability for people to better research where what they buy comes from,” one of the artisans from Danville Jewelers recently told a reporter researching the growth in custom designed jewelry. “As people grow more concerned with the origins of what they are buying, they insist on spending their money on things that they can see the whole creation. This desire for transparency, as much as anything else, is really an under-reported driving factor in the explosion of custom jewellery design.”

There has been a movement over the last several years of people turning away from the malls and big box stores and are looking for ways to support locally owned businesses. This led to the discovery that, unlike the chain jewelry stores which tend to be focused purely on sales, these independently owned stores, many with roots in the community that go back generations, are often run by employee technicians who have the ability to repair broken jewelry and even fix watches that no longer work. Now all they needed was the technology to catch up and the possibility of affordable custom design jewelry would be at hand.

That technology is here in the form of computer aided design. Now instead of spending countless hours trying to create that perfect ring or necklace, a design can be created in a matter of minutes, letting the crafts-person know exactly the supplies that they need and the perfect design to bring it to life. Since this technology cuts expenses in both materials and labor, it makes the handmade jewellery the perfect choice for the perfect gift.