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Dos and Donts When Attending a Tradeshow

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Dos and Donts When Attending a Tradeshow

Are you planning on attending a trade show in the near future? If it is your first time attending a trade show, it can feel overwhelming on what to expect from your experience. Depending on if you are just attending or if you will be a vendor, there are different components that you may need to prepare before you attend. But there is no need to stress about your upcoming event, here is a compiled list of the dos and donts of attending a tradeshow. No matter how long you have been in the industry, it is important to feel confident while attending. If you are going to be a vendor, consider using ExpoMarketing for your trade show displays

Things to Do When Attending a Tradeshow

Dress Professionally

Be sure that as you are planning to attend a tradeshow you have enough professional clothes. If it is a multiple-day trade show, have enough outfits for each day so you are not having to re-wear items. The clothing items that you bring should be professional and respectful of others that are in attendance. 

Be Respectful

One of the most important things that you can do when attending a trade show is to be respectful of others that are at the trade show. This includes vendors, attendees, and those that are putting the event together. Be polite and courteous to those around you to create a positive environment that allows everyone to interact with one another. 

Plan Ahead

When you are planning on attending a trade show, plan ahead for how you want to spend your time at the trade show. Also, be sure that you will have all of the materials that you will need to have a successful tradeshow experience. If you are going to be a vendor, set goals for your business and what you hope to accomplish while at the trade show. 

Things Not to Do When Attending a Tradeshow

Be Aggressive

Whether you are an attendee or a vendor, you should not be aggressive with anyone else at the trade show. Being overly aggressive or pushy with exhibitors or attendees can be a turnoff. Respect their time and space, and avoid making them feel uncomfortable. If you make others uncomfortable, it can really affect your experience at the trade show and you may not have the best experience. 

Be Unprepared

If you show up to a trade show unprepared, it can really hinder your overall experience. No one likes to feel that they are not prepared and out of sorts. Especially as you are trying to make new connections that could be beneficial to you as a consumer or as a business owner. One thing that could be a huge mistake in not preparing is having business cards to share with others. That is an easy way to exchange contact information for later use. With no cards to share, you could lose a lot of potential connections. 

Attending a trade show can have a lot of benefits as a consumer or business owner, but you have to prepare in order to make the most of your experience. If you put in the time and effort, you are likely to have a successful trade show experience. 

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