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Ebba Busch Wiki: Age, Politics, Hobbies, Niklas Thor Wife

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Ebba Busch Wiki: Age, Politics, Hobbies, Niklas Thor Wife

Ebba Busch

Ebba Busch works as a politician. She hails from Gamla Uppsala (Sweden) and was born on 11 February 1987. It makes it clear that Ebba’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. Ebba Busch is a part of rich Scandinavian ethnicity (roots). Her age is 35 years.

She is a follower of the Christian religion. Ebba Busch is also known as the better half (wife) of Niklas Busch-Thor, who is a famous football player from Sweden.

Ebba Busch – Hobbies

Reading books, drawing, public speaking and travelling are Ebba Busch’s hobbies. She is a huge fan of Hollywood movies. Ebba Busch is a huge admirer of Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman and Ian McKellen.

Pink, blue and red are her favourite colours. Ebba likes to eat Swedish, Chinese, English and Italian cuisines. Manchester by the Sea is her favourite movie – and Blindspot is her beloved web series. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Otto Wallin, two of the best sportspersons from Sweden, are her real-life idols. Ebba reads history books more than any other stream.

Ebba Busch – Physical Stats!

She stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Her body weight nearly remains at the mark of 55 to 60 kg. Ebba’s figure stands at the mark of 34-26-36 inches.

She puts a great effort to remain fit and healthy at the highest level. It helps Ebba to send a great message to the population in Sweden regarding fitness related things. Ebba Busch’s brown eyes and blonde hair give her a different and better look.

Ebba Busch – Family Life, Childhood, Kids, Marriage

Truls Busch-Christensen and Helena Busch-Christensen are Ebba Busch’s parents. Ebba’s parents spent a big chunk of her childhood in Gunstar. From Livets (Ord Uppsala, Sweden), Ebba Busch completed her primary schooling. She did her higher-level studies from Uppsala.

Ebba’s family believes in Jesus’ words. They visit the church on a regular basis. Busch and Niklas Thor married each other in 2013. Two years later, the couple welcomed a son. They named him Birger. In February 2017, the pair welcomed a baby girl.

Her name is Elise. On 5 December 2019, Ebba made it clear on her social media accounts that she has decided to part ways with Niklas Thor. The couple had dreams to live together.

However, things changed at the end of 2018. For Ebba and Niklas’ children, it is very hard to see their parents not living together. From their point of view, it is very much essential to see their father and mother rising them together, not separately.

Ebba Busch – Professional Journey

Ebba Busch is one of the most famous politicians in Sweden. At the beginning of her career, she did saw a very challenging time and earned a lot of hate. Many follow politicians and common people criticized Ebba for not living up to her expectations.

However, after 2018, thing changed massively for her. She is now a well-respected leader as people know her power of making things bigger and better. It makes us all clear about her class at the highest level.

Social Media

Ebba Busch as above 220k combined followers on social media. She is a huge advocate of promoting her professional work and personal life with her fans on social media.

Net Worth

The net worth of Ebba Busch is not known. She is a politician and does put her best to earn a good life. Politicians deserve to earn money as politicians work very much hard.


Niklas Thor, also known as Niklas Busch Thor, is a professional football player from Sweden. He played for Gamla Upsala, Frej and Sirius. He joined Sirius in 2014. Niklas spent his youth career at Storvreta IK, IK Sirius and IFK Norrkoping.

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