Engagement Rings – A Dream Come True for Valentine’s Day

If you have affirmed your notion of making your special someone’s dreams come true, you are most definitely ready to shop for a ring. The process of transforming her dream into her reality is to present her with a stunning diamond engagement ring.

When picking out the ideal ring, the best way to begin is by going to a fine jewellery store and talking with a professional jeweller. A jeweler will be help you have a clear understanding of how to get the most out of your money and what you should be looking for when buying an affordable engagement ring.

During your lifetime together, a diamond engagement ring is going to be a lifelong symbol of your love and admiration. With this in mind, it is crucial for you to familiarise yourself with the 4 C’s. This is the grading system used in determining the value of a diamond.

The first C stands for clarity. The clarity of a diamond tells you how many imperfections are in the diamond. The imperfections, also referred to as flaws, are determined under 10X magnification. Flaws can include foreign materials, divots, and cracks in the stone. These imperfections may create a cloudy appearance, affecting the clarity of the diamond.

Another C in the grading system stands for the cut. The cut is what ultimately affects the diamond’s radiance when it’s placed in direct light. The more flawless of a cut, the more the diamond will sparkle. There is a wide variety of cuts to choose from when purchasing a diamond, some with more natural brilliance than others. One of the more popular cuts for an engagement diamond ring is the princess cut.

Color is another element graded with the 4 C’s rating system. The most common color purchased is white, also known as clear. More flaws in a diamond will cause it to have more of a yellowish tint. Although the diamond with the least imperfections would be a clear diamond, the rarest of all diamonds is the red diamond. Colored diamonds are more frequently being sought after in the diamond market these days.

The final C is the carat, and it just might be the most important. Despite popular belief, the carat is does not refer to the size of the diamond, it refers to the weight – even though it is likely that heavier diamonds are going to be larger.

Each of the 4 C’s is going to affect the cost of the diamond engagement ring you choose. Consult with a jeweller for the most accurate information on which clarity, cut, color, and carat will be ideal for the best affordable engagement ring for your budget.