Extracting the Telegram group’s Member Ids

Suppose you want to advertise in Telegram, which is a popular and very useful messenger, by sending private messages to people. To have effective advertisements and grow and develop your business, it is better to have targeted advertisements. Because today the costs of advertising have increased to a great extent and if you do not have targeted advertisement, you will definitely incur heavy losses. In this article, we are going to talk about how to have targeted advertisements in Telegram, and if you are eager to learn more about this topic, stay with us until the end of this article…

How can you have targeted advertisements in Telegram?

In order to have targeted advertisements in Telegram messenger, you must choose your target audience correctly. This means that you send ads to people who are following your business, products, and services, but if you target people who have no interest in your business and send them advertising messages, they definitely don’t pay attention to it and they feel that you have disturbed them and they may block or report you. So, consequently, you should choose your target audience correctly.

You can also make your ads more targeted by following other tips. For example, write a good advertising text to attract people to your content or send messages to them at the right time according to the age group of your audience. Now we want to learn you how to select your target audiences correctly.

How can you choose the right target audience for advertising on Telegram?

There are many ways to collect audiences for advertising, including buying a bank of numbers from different authorities, in this way you cannot collect a suitable target audience. Because you do not know how many of these numbers that are in the number bank are still active or how many of them have Telegram accounts and whether you are sure that they are interested in your field of work or not.

So, we have to choose a new method to be sure of all these things. One of the ways to have targeted and active contacts in Telegram is to use Telegram groups. If you pay attention, Telegram groups are created so that several people who are related to a certain field gather together and can talk with each other or introduce and advertise their work. So, if you find groups that are related to your field of business, you can use all group members as target audiences. It is better to extract the ID of these people from the group and send a message to all these people. In the next section, we will tell you How to Scrape Members from Telegram Group.

How can you extract people’s IDs?

This is not a difficult task at all. Just log in to Telegram and choose the group you want. Then click on the group name at the top of the page to enter the group profile. View the members of the group from the Members tab. Now, by tapping on the name of each member, you can get the information that that person has put in Telegrams, such as mobile number, name, or ID. You can get people’s information simply.

But here you face a challenge. In order to have effective ads, you need to prepare a large number of IDs, so extracting large numbers of IDs manually will be time-consuming and intolerable. For this reason, it is better to choose another method. In the next section, we will introduce to you a suitable method to face this challenge.

The Proper Way to Extract IDs from Telegram Groups

In order to extract a large number of group members, you need to use a tool that does this affair for you automatically. Various tools including software bots are available in the market. Our suggestion is to use the Extract Telegram Group Members IDs Bot. This Bot performs all the steps you have to do manually to extract a large number of IDs from Telegram groups, completely automatically and without your intervention. In the following, we will introduce this Bot more.

Introducing the Extract Telegram Group Members IDs Bot

As we said above, this Bot is one of the Bots in the market that performs the commands you assign to it completely automatically. One of the advantages of using this Bot is that it is far from human errors and it will advance your work without any mistakes. The only thing you need to do is to enter the settings of the Bot before using it and enter the required information and then start the Bot. The Bot enters the group and enters the profile of the first member from the Members section and saves his/her ID in the Excel file and goes to the next person. It does the same thing for the number you specify in advance and finally delivers the extracted IDs to you in the form of an Excel file.


In this article, we tried to introduce to you the targeted advertising in Telegram. At the beginning of the article, we said that in order to have effective advertisements, it is better to take measures to have targeted advertisements. Next, we concluded that in order to have targeted ads, you must choose your target audience correctly. We also said to use Telegram groups to select target contacts. Finally, considering that extracting IDs from Telegram groups manually is a very intolerable task, we introduced you a method to do this automatically. This method is to use the Extract Telegram Group Members IDs Bot.