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For Love and Lemons

For Love and Lemons is a ladylike clothing brand known for their marvelous dresses, fragile underwear and more. They are a 100 percent ladies drove brand zeroed in on making pieces that encapsulate a ultra heartfelt style. Things are, on occasion, a piece one of a kind motivated inclining toward the cottagecore stylish while at different times, they can be current and wild with brilliant, strong varieties. Most importantly, they are in every case extremely female and as I would like to think, the plans rest on the more young side.

The tale of For Love and Lemons started with two courageous 11-year-olds and a small lemonade stand. At the point when Laura Corridor and Gillian Rose Kern saw as one another in their little Wyoming town, they started a long lasting companionship and business organization established infearless singularity, unashamed gentility, and genuine familial love.

For Love and Lemons is the new pressed organization of Laura Lobby and Gillian Rose Kern, who started their deep rooted fellowship as young ladies experiencing childhood in the lower regions of Jackson Opening, Wyoming. Here they maintained their most memorable fruitful business, a lemonade stand, which would later motivate the name of their most memorable design adventure.

Ultimately, they supplanted their rustic field environmental factors with the rambling, innovative neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Here, lemonade stands gave way to dynamic dresses and carefully planned underwear. Today, with a little group of 40 individuals, Laura and Gillian keep on sewing these standards into each fiber of their assortments. For Love and Lemons is a 100 percent ladies drove group contained cooperative visionaries who esteem development, interest, and free-figuring dauntlessness in all that they do. For Love and Lemons is a powerful band of capable people committed to carrying you extraordinary plans with symbolism to coordinate.

For Love and Lemons

They are an affectionate group that accepts two personalities are superior to one! They have an open floor plan studio space that keeps the workplace exceptionally cooperative and straightforward. Beside the everyday routine, they unite representatives frequently through group building exercises, trips and gatherings required for everyone. Likewise, they leave space for the workplace puppies to fabricate their very own local area!

They offer every one of our representatives cutthroat remuneration alongside 401(k) choices, full medical advantages, paid wiped out leave and an adaptable get-away strategy.

They are solid adherents that representative fulfillment is the way to progress. Therefore, they attempt to cultivate a workplace that permits the group to take care of their spirit. They offer paid volunteer time, a canine accommodating office, an industry rebate for their representatives and an easygoing clothing regulation (our main thing from being in the style business).

They produce all Prepared to-Wear, Knitwear, Swim and a part of the Underwear pieces of clothing are made in a processing plant in Suzhou, China. It’s held to thorough standards to guarantee that it’s spotless, works productively and gives its representatives fair wages and an incredible workplace.

About the Factory

The manufacturing plant was laid out in 2010, yet in 2017 the proprietor, chose to move the developing activity into a brand new space. While the past processing plant was held to similar elevated expectations of wellbeing and great working circumstances, the new production line offers significantly more space, light and conveniences for its representatives.

The proprietor is very moderate in his way to deal with running a manufacturing plant. His manufacturing plant is endorsed by the Business Social Consistence Drive (BSCI), a drive laid out by the Government Exchange Association (FTA) for organizations who wish to work on their social consistence. The BSCI is a standardized set of principles with 11 classifications that reach from working environment wellbeing and security to pay to natural and security issues.

Victor accomplished his BSCI-endorsed processing plant by choosing to have a review done by Accredium Worldwide Consistence Administrations (AGCS), a free inspecting organization. AGCS guaranteed all standards of the BSCI were met.

Why China?

They totally check their assembling plant since they care about people making their pieces of clothing. they unequivocally acknowledge they have found the best plant that offers a protected, fulfilling working environment for its delegates. they also select making in China since they have found that it offers additionally created advancement decisions that can convey the significantly diserse plan features (hand-drawn weavings, appliqués, custom trim planning) that they need to coordinate into their groupings. They never use sweatshops.

They currently likewise work with Bennett and Company to satisfy the need for our cooperation with Victoria’s Confidential. They are focused on their worldwide mission to plan and produce articles of clothing in their entirely claimed Guangzhou fabricating office while being socially and earth mindful.

They work worldwide with sympathy directed by inner voice, honor and regard their group and have made a worldwide association where individuals are glad to work. They expect no less from our unrefined substance accomplices, and just work with texture, ribbon and trim plants that maintain the very natural and helpful and social qualities that they do.


Yes! For Love and Lemons is a legit brand with gorgeous clothing!


For Love and Lemons

The quality is really beautiful and matches with the price point. Designs are gorgeous with classy materials, intricate details and feminine silhouettes. Perfect for all of my fellow fashion girls out there!


You are likely pondering – is For Love and Lemons consistent with size? As I would see it, they are consistent with size for most of their things. The For Love and Lemons dresses that I’ve attempted have been consistent with size (I’m typically a size little and their size little fits me impeccably!).

Be that as it may, For Love and Lemons undergarments can run a piece little on occasion. I view this as for the most part valid for the bust region in their bras. The size can run a piece little all things considered and it is smarter to not search for underpants here.

The upper size is probably a great deal enormous and subsequently, it at times becomes hard to get one of the ideal fit. So one can’t buy the more modest size, neither could they at any point go a size up as it turns into a fit too enormous. As I would see it, it is smarter to simply go to an alternate store for this situation. Yet, for different pieces of clothing and dresses, the sizes are truly perfect and one can track down their actual body fittings here.


You can purchase clothing straightforwardly on their site as well as different stores like Spin, Nordstrom, Free Individuals, and Metropolitan Suppliers. You can track down various classes of apparel, including dresses, underwear, frill, and so forth.


To follow through on full-cost For Love and Lemons unmentionables and dress, I suggest hanging tight for a deal. They have an extraordinary choice and you can truly get it for a Take during the semi-yearly deals in mid-June and late December or during early January. You can likewise look at the deal segments whenever at For Love and Lemons.


Albeit this survey covers most things from the brand, here is a genuine For Love and Lemons Victoria Secret audit .

Right off the bat, the plans for the For Love and Lemons x Victoria Secret assortment are Ravishing! Genuinely extremely female, heartfelt and delicate. There’s heaps of pastel tones and ornaments like bows, ribbon, sensitive decorations, and so on. It’s delightfully planned and will unquestionably remove your heart with the uniquity.

The quality is comparable to the price tag, as I would like to think. I really do feel that a portion of the trim and work can be a piece slight on occasion yet that is only the idea of the texture. Everything is exceptionally sensitive and humble. On the off chance that you can get it at a bargain – far superior!

Like referenced before, the fit would be the main possible issue with the For Love and Lemons bras. For the most part, it runs consistent with size so assuming you are in uncertainty, simply get your ordinary size (yet additionally read the surveys, for good measure!). however, the products are really try worthy and definitely add quality to your wardrobe and fashion sense.


In my opinion, yes! The designs are so unique, feminine and romantic. It’s really, really beautiful! Highly recommend it to all the shoppers out there.

For Love and Lemons is a shoppers paradise and you can avail it for any shopping of dresses. Females are the ones who are at the greatest advantage here, since this store has the prettiest collection of all kinds of dresses, lingerie, accessories and whatnot. Go check this out if you have not already!

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