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Gild Collective and Innovative Leadership Training

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Gild Collective and Innovative Leadership Training

In the business world, women have long been under-represented in important positions of leaderships in most companies.  Sure, here and there you’ll see a manager, supervisor, or (even rarer), a CEO that’s a woman.  However, generally speaking, it’s fair to say that women don’t have the same opportunities in these spaces.  

That’s why it’s so important to start investing in training sessions and the works as soon as possible.  Once we start to add things like intersectionality and equity into the mix, that becomes even more apparent.  So, in terms of adjusting the culture of our workspaces and allowing under-represented groups to shine, how can we go about it?

As you can probably guess, one of the main methods is to start implementing training sessions.  To get an idea of what equity is before we continue, you might want to check out this blog post.  Otherwise, though, there’s still a lot to discuss here.  It’s not exactly the simplest topic, but that doesn’t reduce its importance.

Workplace Culture Matters

While it’s really difficult to make changes to this sort of thing, there’s really no denying that workplace culture is important.  The impacts that it has on the well-being of employees (as well as their productivity levels) is certainly nothing to brush off.  Unfortunately, as was mentioned, it’s not exactly as easy as snapping your fingers and changing this sort of thing.

The important thing is to ensure that the environment being fostered isn’t a hostile one to any specific group.  Antagonistic remarks towards women or minorities of any sort should never be tolerated, even as “jokes.”  Supposed jokes can be a slippery slope, after all, and it’s best to just avoid that entirely.

As far as what makes up “office culture,” there’s a lot to cover.  Tons of little behaviors and even the language used by employees and supervisors alike contribute to it.  A lot of the time, if there is some bias involved, it’s not even a conscious action.  However, that doesn’t diminish the impact that it can have.

Cultivating Equity

We hear about “diversity” all of the time, but it’s time to take it a step further than that.  Instead, encouraging employees and managers/supervisors to be equitable in their practices garners a lot more results when it comes to adjusting a workplace culture that isn’t up to par.  That’s where something like leadership training can come in handy, seeing as it can help to lift traditionally silenced voices up to the same level as everyone else.

Equity is when everyone has the same base level of opportunities, and the roadblocks along the way are relatively similar as well.  The important bit is really that last half – sometimes, certain groups may need a hand up, so to speak, to reach the same level as another as far as those roadblocks go.  That’s just what it means to be equitable, though – it’s to ensure fairness for everyone involved.

It can be difficult to foster this sort of ideology in a workplace, though, and that’s okay.  Change probably won’t occur overnight.  What matters is that steps towards meaningful changes are being made – that demonstrates a commitment to improving the overall culture of the office.  Seeing how hard that can be, even the initial steps are something to be appreciated.

Can Training Sessions Really Help?

Admittedly, it’s understandable to be skeptical of training sessions being the answer to all of these problems.  At the end of the day, it isn’t like you can wave some magic wand and have the perfect workplace environment.  Sites like this one, https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbess/?sh=19b4ecd3d318, can give you an idea of how training aids in the process.

Probably the biggest factor here is to ensure that they aren’t boring or a total snooze-fest.  Many workplaces opt to bring in outside assistance for proctoring the sessions for that very reason, along with the fact that it needs to be taken seriously.  Familiar faces presenting the information may make it easier to brush aside, unfortunately.

Obviously, we can’t force employees to listen to these sorts of things.  However, by implementing training that encourages women to enter leadership positions and prepares them for it, you can make positive steps towards change.  It doesn’t all have to be negative and about how bad an office environment is.  

If you’ve still got some doubts, that’s okay.  Hopefully, the resources above can help with that at least a bit.  Remember – even if your current office environment seems totally perfect, a lot can be hidden beneath the surface.  Unfortunately, there are many instances in which victims of these poor work cultures won’t even come forward about it.  

Do your best to make folks feel comfortable about reporting incidents to the management team, too.  After all, a safe office is a prosperous one.

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