Handy Tips for Choosing Top Civil Engineering Colleges in Kolkata

Civil Engineering is one of the best courses, if you want to embark on a successful career in the field of engineering. As a civil engineer, you need to involve yourself in multifarious activities such as planning and construction, and maintaining the physical environment. Though there are many civil engineering colleges in India, Kolkata is one of the best cities which have a wide number of civil engineering colleges that provide education at comparatively low price. So, here we have come up with the list of top civil engineering colleges in Kolkata that will be helpful in choosing a right college for study. These are:

1) Jadavpur University, Kolkata
2) National Institute of Technology
3) Bengal College of Engineering and Technology (BCET)
4) Institute of Science and Technology
5) JIS College of Engineering

Here are some tips to choose the best college for studies

Categorize the colleges
As the competition is getting tough day by day, categorization of colleges is important. You can divide the college in three main categories. Prioritize those colleges which are the best in terms of education facilities, however, getting admission into them can be tough. The next lot should involve the colleges that are above average, and getting admission into them may not be that tough. Lastly, you need to categorize those colleges where you can easily get admission if anything else doesn’t work out.

List down your criteria
Everyone looks for the colleges based on some criteria. Look for the below elements to choose a college for studies.

• Degree offered
• Location
• Is it a government run college or private?
• Fees
• Scholarship
• Faculty
• Infrastructure
• Amenities

Ranking the priorities
It is essential for a student to rank their priorities. Choose the colleges you want to consider for enrolling and rank them according to your priorities. On the basis of your marks, you can choose the colleges. You can give priorities to institutes which have the best faculty members or have a good placement cell. You can prioritize them on the basis of location as well.

Eligibility for financial aid
You need to check if you are eligible for any scholarship or financial aid or not. It is important if you can avail any as you can save a lot of money and invest in nurturing your future.

Don’t choose a college just on the basis of star rating
As there are many choices before the students, they look for the colleges that have a sterling reputation. But do not go just for the star ratings every time. Some colleges may be good in their mechanical department; however, some may be good in other departments such as civil engineering. Thoroughly check before you get admission in any of the colleges.

Though there are many colleges which offer quality education, choosing the best civil engineering colleges in Kolkata plays a vital role in shaping one’s future prospects. JIS College of Engineering is one of the best colleges which offer high-quality education to all the students. It has won many awards over the years, which make it the best option to get admission into. The objective of the college is to nurture research, empower the students with various opportunities and to establish a worldwide network with the industry experts and help the students grow by leaps and bounds.