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Hero Connect: Know Its Special Features and Login Steps

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Hero Connect: Know Its Special Features and Login Steps

Hero Connect

Our lives are growing more comfier and convenient in the age of fast innovation and technological growth. Individuals are searching for methods to improve their safety and security as they become more and more conscious of the value of their life. Hero Motor Corp, a well-known manufacturer of motorcycles, has introduced an online portal and application called Hero Connect to meet these demands. By linking two-wheelers to users’ smartphones, this software intends to give two-wheelers sophisticated technology, providing safety, convenience, security, and a smart riding experience.

In the event of accidents or other urgent circumstances, Hero Connect immediately sends alerts, SMS, and messages to emergency contacts to safeguard the safety of riders. This function helps make quick and appropriate action possible. The app also provides a number of features to improve the riding experience, such as live tracking, speed alarms, topple alerts, geo-fence alerts, and others. Users get access to full trip information, including the beginning and finishing locations, incidences of speeding, location, time spent, total distance traveled, and more. 

Characteristics of Hero Connect: 

Hero Connect

Hero Connect is a cutting-edge smartphone application that promises to improve its users’ daily life while also enhancing their security and safety. The app provides a wide range of features that are all intended to protect the wellbeing of its users. Here are a few of Hero Connect’s main attributes: 

  • Live Tracking:

Real-time tracking features offered by Hero Connect enable customers to pinpoint the precise position of their loved ones, cars, or valuables. Users of the app get access to details about the monitored entity’s current position, speed, travel time, and route. Parents keeping track of their children’s locations, fleet management firms tracking their cars, or those worried about the security of their priceless goods can all benefit from this service.

  • Notices of Unauthorized Movement:

The application uses sophisticated algorithms to find any uninvited movement of the monitored thing. Hero Connect quickly notifies and SMS warns the designated emergency contacts of any such behavior. With the help of this function, consumers will always be alerted as soon as something suspicious or unusual happens.

  • Emergency Warnings

Hero Connect automatically sends SMS messages and notifications to the registered emergency contacts in cases of accidents or emergencies, triggering emergency alarms. This capability is essential for quickly alerting the selected people about urgent circumstances so they may offer instant aid or take the necessary action.

  • Analyses of the trip and specific details:

Hero Connect offers extensive trip analysis tools that give consumers in-depth understanding of their travel habits. The software keeps track of and displays details such as the routes traveled, the distance covered during each journey, and other pertinent information. Users are able to analyze their trip history and make educated selections based on prior experiences thanks to the data’s six-month data storage period.

  • Navigation from a single point:

By giving users precise instructions from their starting point to their destination, the app aids simple navigation. Hero Connect helps consumers get where they’re going quickly whether they’re using a car, a footpath or another method of transportation. This function is quite helpful for people who are venturing out or attempting to navigate strange environments.

  • Affordable Costs:

Hero Connect offers all these comprehensive features and capabilities at the low price of Rs. 4,999. The software is affordable for a wide range of people and enterprises because to its reasonable pricing, which guarantees that users may take advantage of its benefits without breaking the bank.

  • Additional Qualities

Hero Connect also provides a number of other capabilities to improve the overall user experience in addition to the aforementioned functionalities. They comprise:

a. Geo-Fencing: Users may create virtual fences, or “geo-fences,” around particular regions. Users may track movement in restricted or sensitive areas by using the app, which sends notifications if the tracked thing breaches certain boundaries.

b. Speed Monitoring: Hero Connect lets users keep an eye on the tracked entity’s speed. For those who want to monitor adherence to speed restrictions or assess individual drivers’ driving styles, such as parents, employers, or fleet managers, this tool is very useful.

c. SOS Button: Users can utilize the app’s SOS button to signal help in an emergency. A quick reaction and aid are made possible in urgent situations by pressing the SOS button, which sends immediate notifications to the registered emergency contacts.

d. Comprehensive car monitoring capabilities are provided by Hero Connect, enabling customers to keep track of the whereabouts, speed, and other pertinent data of their vehicles. Companies who manage fleets of automobiles, car rental agencies, or private people who are worried about the security of their vehicles may find this function to be extremely helpful. 

How to Login to Hero Connect:

There are only a few simple steps needed to log into Hero Connect.

  • On your phone, launch the Hero Connect application. If you don’t already have the app loaded, go to https://connect.heromotocorp.biz/edealer enu and type “Hero Connect” into any browser to access their website.
  • When you get to the app or website, enter your username to log in.
  • Once you’ve entered your username and password, click the login button.
  • You will be successfully logged into your Hero Connect account when the login procedure has started. 

How to Reset Your Hero Connect Account Password:

Hero Connect

If you need to reset your password because you can’t get into your Hero Connect account, just follow these easy steps: 

  • On your phone, launch the Hero Connect application. Search for “Hero Connect” on their website to get the URL https://connect.heromotocorp.biz/edealer enu if you don’t have the app.
  • Find the “Forget password” option on the left side of the app or website, highlighted in purple, and click it.
  • Provide your Hero Connect portal login and the last four digits of your registered mobile phone number in the mandatory fields.
  • In the bottom right, on the submit button, which is shown in blue.
  • Your request will be processed by the system, which will then send an OTP (One-Time Password) to the email address or cell phone number you have provided.
  • Put in the obtained OTP to simply reset your password. 

How to Change the Password for Your Hero Connect Account:

Password changes for Hero Connect accounts are simple and only require a few steps to complete: 

  • On your smartphone, launch the Hero Connect app or website.
  • By entering your username and password and clicking the login button, you may access your account.
  • Once you’ve logged in, select the icon next to your profile image in the upper right corner.
  • Choose “Change password” from the menu’s options.
  • The system will update your Hero Connect account with your new password when you enter it.


Customers’ demands for safety and security are met through Hero Connect, a cutting-edge app and site launched by Hero MotoCorp. This programme improves rider safety by delivering SMS and alerts to emergency contacts by linking two-wheelers to mobile phones. Moreover, it provides consumers with thorough information about their rides through tools like live monitoring, trip analysis, and more. We really hope that this post has given you some insightful information. If you have any more queries or recommendations, don’t hesitate to ask.

FAQs – Hero Connect App for Hero Customers 

Hero Connect
Q. How does Hero Connect work?

Hero MotorCorp introduced Hero Connect, a website and smartphone application. With the linking of two-wheelers and smartphones, it seeks to improve the security, safety, and riding experience of Hero consumers. 

Q. What distinguishes Hero Connect from its competitors?

Live tracking, illegal movement warnings, emergency alerts, trip analysis, point-to-point navigation, inexpensive pricing, and supplemental features like geo-fencing, speed monitoring, SOS button, and vehicle tracking are some of Hero Connect’s important features. 

Q. How does Hero Connect’s live tracking function work?

Hero Connect offers real-time tracking features that let users see the precise location, speed, amount of time spent traveling, and path traveled by the monitored thing, such as a person or a car. It assists customers in keeping tabs on their loved ones, automobiles, or priceless belongings. 

Q. What do Hero Connect notifications of unlawful movement entail?

Hero Connect makes use of sophisticated algorithms to find any uninvited movement of the tracked thing. The software notifies the registered emergency contacts through notifications and SMS alerts if any suspicious behavior is found, ensuring timely warning of unforeseen events.

Q. How do Hero Connect’s emergency notifications function?

Hero Connect automatically sends SMS messages and notifications to the registered emergency contacts in the event of accidents or crises, triggering emergency alarms. This function offers prompt aid and reaction in urgent circumstances. 

Q. How does Hero Connect’s trip analysis function?

Hero Connect provides consumers with in-depth knowledge of their travel habits with its extensive trip analysis tools. It keeps track of details like route taken, mileage traveled, and other pertinent information. Users may look back on their trip history and base decisions on those experiences. 

How does Hero Connect’s point-to-point navigation work?

Hero Link makes navigating simple and convenient by giving precise instructions from one location to another. Whether using a car, foot, or any other form of transportation, it enables users to reach their destinations quickly.