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How a Lawyer Will Help Determine Liability in an Uber Accident Case

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How a Lawyer Will Help Determine Liability in an Uber Accident Case

The lucrative market size of Uber is indeed impressive. This pick-and-drop service has helped thousands worldwide reach their destinations on time. Uber operates in 69 countries and currently has a global market valuation of USD 32 million. But this lucrative international business is also witnessing some drawbacks in the form of road accidents and compensation.

The growth of Uber rides worldwide results in increased road accidents and fatal crashes. This worries the country because, according to research conducted by Rice University and the University of Chicago, the fatal accident rates have risen by 2-3% because of the growth of the ridesharing business.

Who is responsible if you ever encounter a minor or major accident while taking an Uber ride? And who is liable to pay for your injuries? Even if it is the driver’s fault, the company is liable to pay compensation. You must never hesitate to file an Uber accident claim because you deserve compensation. 

Who is Liable for the Uber Accident?

When you are involved in an Uber accident, it is almost always the driver’s fault. Uber accidents can occur for many reasons, including the negligence of the driver, failure of brakes and clutches, ignoring car maintenance, or the consumption of alcohol. No matter the reason, it is the fault of the driver, who is liable for your minor or major injuries. 

How Can a Lawyer Help Determine Liability and Make Settlements?

Many people who encounter minor rideshare accidents do not realize their seriousness. Whether the accident is minor or major, a passenger is liable to the company for compensation if they have suffered injuries. By hiring an experienced attorney who has been dealing with Uber accident cases, you can be assured that your compensation claim will not be rejected. An attorney can help you with the following: 

Looking Through the Factors of Accidents

An attorney investigates the factors that led to the accident. These factors help estimate the compensation. 

Determining the Company’s Insurance Coverage

It is impossible for a civilian to find out how much insurance coverage Uber offers in road accident cases. An attorney can quickly determine the coverage and the amount you can expect as compensation. 

Helping Recover Damage

Above all, an attorney helps you recover the damages you have met by claiming compensation. This includes medical costs, loss of property, pain and suffering, lost income, future lost income, expenses for temporary or permanent disability, and so on. 

Things You Must Immediately Do After an Uber Accident

You must not hesitate to take the right steps if you have met an accident. After all, it is your legal right to file compensation and claim for the expenses and losses you have encountered. The things you must do immediately after meeting an accident are:

● If the condition is serious, you must immediately call an ambulance. The hospital bill will help you get compensated easily.

● File a police report so that you can proceed with a compensation lawsuit.

● Gather as many pieces of evidence as you can.

● If possible, gather statements from witnesses.

● Note vital information like the cab’s number, driver’s name, accident location, the time the cab was booked, the time of the accident, and so on. 

● Contact a rideshare or Uber accident attorney to see if you can file a case at the court and receive compensation. 

Summing Up

Accidents can leave a person traumatized for a long time, but you have the right to fight back if it is the cause of someone else’s negligence. The injuries and losses you suffer because of someone else’s mistake should be compensated. You must receive financial support to carry on your treatment and recover sooner. An attorney can help you file a compensation case and receive the claim you deserve.