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How do I change my name?

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How do I change my name?

In comparison to many other parts of the world, changing one’s name, adding initials, or even just one letter, is fairly common in India. This is probably due to our belief in Vaastu and numerology, as well as the widespread practice of women changing their first and last names after marriage in many communities. The name change application should be processed fairly quickly, given how common it is. However, it is quite lengthy, with name change forms to be filled out and even the requirement of a newspaper ad publication.

Here, we will break down the name change process in India for your understanding.

Reasons for changing your name:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Disliking Your Current Name
  • Religious Motives
  • Political Context
  • Gender Change
  • Identity Makeover
  • Astrological Reasons

Process of changing a name in India

There are three things you must do to get permission to change your name:

1.     Affidavit Submission  

2.     Publication of Newspaper Ads

3.     Publication of notification in the Gazette

1. Affidavit Submission

The most important phase in the legal process of name change is the submission of an affidavit. For this, you must contact a notary public. The following steps, if followed correctly, simplify and clarify the procedure:

1.     Contact your local notary public about your name change

2.     The notary will recommend the appropriate amount of stamp paper for the affidavit of name change

3.     The following information must be provided once you have the paper:

  •       Your old name and the new name;
    •        your current address;
    •       the reason for the name change (e.g., marriage, astrology, etc.)    

4.     After the affidavit is printed on plain stamp paper, two witnesses must sign it.

5.     Both your previous and current names appear in the affidavit. Affidavits can be used to change a single letter, the entire name, or the surname.

6.     Women who are married and wish to change their surname or use their husband’s initials must provide the following information:

  •      Old name with their maiden name and family’s address
  •      Their new name with spouse’s name and address
  •      Date of marriage

Keep a copy of the affidavit. This document is useful for any future legal procedures. A properly signed deed stating the change of name must be submitted to the Indian High Commission office or the Indian Embassy for overseas Indians who wish to change their name.

2. Newspaper Publication

If you have signed the affidavit, the next step is to announce your new name in a notice or advertisement in the local newspaper. You will need to select two newspapers for this, one that is published in the state’s official language and the other that is an English daily.

The following details need to be included:

·      Your old and new name

·      Date of birth

·      Address

The newspapers allot a column for these ads, and they should be able to guide you on this.  

If a married woman wishes to change her surname after marriage, she should include the name and address of her husband in the notification.

When the ad is published in the paper, make sure to gather as many duplicates as you can, and keep them for future use. Even though just one copy will do, it’s safer to keep as many original newspaper ad copies as you can.

3.     Gazette Notification

The gazette publication is the final step in the name change process in India. Your name change will be legal when your gazette notification is published. The name change gazette notification is required for government employees, and it is optional for everyone else. Nevertheless, it is substantial evidence of your new name. It may make sense to proceed because sending a few documents for publication is all that is required.

Here are the steps you need to follow to submit the Gazette notification:

  • Bring a copy of the “Deed changing name form” that can be found at the Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, or a letter from you stating that you need to change your name.
  • Bring original copies of the advertisements that were published with the date (attach both ads).
  • Bring two photographs of yourself that have been self-attested.
  • Bring proofs of address and ID. The address should be the same as the one that was published in the newspaper and affidavit.

Before you send in the following information, call the Controller’s Publication office to get a detailed list of everything that needs to be sent. Send the documents to the address in an A4-sized envelope. Information and the necessary copies of the Gazette in which the advertisement or notification has appeared will be sent to you by the Controller of Publications’ office. Keep this safe for future use.

Fees for gazette notification 

The name change will be published in the Gazette by the government. Depending on whether you want a public notice or not, the cost of Gazette notifications varies. You can pay the fee either in real money or by a demand draft.

Change your name in key documents

Even though you have completed your work to legally change your name, you still need to keep all of the necessary documents, such as bank records, certificates, and other documents, and use them to officially change your name. When applying for or renewing a passport, as well as for any other upcoming transactions, the documents necessary to change your name may be essential.

If you are looking to change your name Lawtendo can help you with the online process, procedure & documents needed with the process.

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