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How flowers can be the messengers of untold emotions

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How flowers can be the messengers of untold emotions

In this age of constant communication, digital revolution, a little bit of personal touch can make a world of difference. Most of us are unable to meet our friends and family owing to our hectic schedules. In such a scenario, receiving a bunch of scintillating blooms can  touch one’s heart in a profound way. Flowers act as one of the most noteworthy symbols of love. Sending flowers has served as the most meaningful way of communication since time immemorial which has often created deep connections. Most importantly, flowers can be sent to convey a variety of emotions. 

  • To spread smiles

As they say, “Flowers are like friends; They bring colours to your world.” In case your friend or family is going through trying times, you could make them smile by sending them a bunch of colourful flowers. The sight and the overwhelming fragrance of the flowers will light up their world and offer them emotional support. Experts say that flowers give rise to a “Duchenne Smile” or unadulterated smile among people. 

  • To breathe life to the unspoken words of love

When it comes to expressing love, words seem superfluous at times. Flowers are heartfelt gifts which speak the language of love loud and clear. Even if you are far away from your loved ones in India, you can send flowers to India to let them feel the intensity of your love. 

  • To reconnect with estranged friends

Often, we drift apart from the people who were once the closest to us. But certain memories come flashing in which makes us crave for the presence of the long lost friends. In case you do not know how to make the first move, sending flowers could act as a great ice-breaker and bring back the magic of your friendship. It would make your  friend or close one realise how much they have been missed all these days.

  • To apologise and mend relationships

At times, we end up upsetting people even if we have pure intentions. Though we cannot undo what we have done, it is important to own up to one’s mistakes. Apologising is a sign of strength. A sincere apology can help you repair relationships. Sending flowers is a great way to apologise and win her over again. Even if words fail, the flowers have the capacity to make one’s heart melt.

  • To commemorate special occasions

Life is a divine blessing. Therefore, it is important to make the most of each day. Especially if it is a special day of a loved one, it calls for a huge celebration. Even if you cannot turn up owing to work schedule or distance, you can send flowers to Bangalore to make your presence felt and bridge the physical distance.  

Flowers may wither with time, but it allows us to convey the deepest emotions without a spoken word. If you want to send flowers or any other gift to your loved ones in India, choose GiftstoIndia24x7, India’s premier gifting platform. To send gifts to India, click here.  Be it 24×7 customer support, user-friendly interface, same-day delivery, a diverse range for diverse tastes, it has all the features that makes this platform a one-stop destination for your gifting needs.  Send flowers to India and create everlasting memories.


Sreemoyee Bhattacharya