How to Care for Aging Parents

Did you know that approximately 28% of seniors live on their own? Even those who live with someone still report they suffer from a feeling of isolation and loneliness. 

If you live with an elder, don’t let them suffer through the same negative feelings. Better care for aging parents should be a top priority, even when they stay at home. They may not get the attention a retirement home offers but you can still provide excellent care with these tips below:

Prioritize ADLs

Caring for aging parents starts with Activities for Daily Living (ADL). ADL refers to the basic activities people perform. This includes eating, getting dressed, basic hygiene routines, and physical exercise routines. 

Allow your elderly parent to do as much of these activities on their own. Depriving them of the chance to move independently could make them feel bad about their age or physical condition.

Help when needed but let them move independently. Monitor as they go about their business.

Work With a Professional

Do you know how to care for aging parents with serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease? Do you know how to care for a parent who needs a wheelchair or visual aid? 

Even someone without a condition or disability needs the help of a professional. A slip on the floor could already cause a major concern. 

This is why you should consider working with professionals from a home health care agency. These medical experts have the education, training, certification, and experience to guarantee better care for your aging parents.

Safety Comes First

Never sacrifice safety, even when an aging person states they can do things on their own. They might feel strong but there’s no denying their body isn’t as capable as it once was. This is especially the case for people with a condition or disability. 

When helping aging parents, consider how you can make their environment safer. This includes adding ramps to your home, labels on medications, and adding padding to sharp or pointed edges.

Smart Security and Conveniences

Caring for sick parents requires 24/7 attention. However, you won’t be able to provide that even with the help of a trained medical aid. There may be moments when no one is there to monitor your parent.

Take advantage of modern technology. There are smart gadgets, such as baby monitors, to help you keep track of elderly people even when you’re not at home.

Take Better Care For Aging Parents

Now you know how to take better care for aging parents. Prioritize ADL’s and don’t disregard their basic needs or living disabilities. Always put safety first and work with a professional when caring for aging parents to avoid accidents and get things done right.

Of course, proper care for aging parents doesn’t end here. For more great health and lifestyle tips, don’t hesitate to continue checking out our other guides. We offer lists and posts concerning health, safety, business, and technology.