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How to Choose top hospitality management colleges in India?

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How to Choose top hospitality management colleges in India?

Gone are the days when engineering and medical were the most-sought after career options in India. But today, these are not the only prospects which guarantee good career opportunities to the aspirants. There are many career avenues available to the applicants, and among these, hospitality management is the most lucrative and high-potential career option. Hospitality management is one of the highly job oriented fields offering various electives to the aspirants. With globalisation, the scope and need of hospitality industry is increasing day-by-day and thus creating a good number of opportunities. Now you have decided to consider hospitality management as a career option, it’s time to choose the right institute offering the best courses as per the demands of industry. The options are plenty and it is important to go through some important point to find the best one:

  1. Academics/quality of course content: While selecting the institute, first check for the reputation of academics. It is important to go through the course content and make sure that it is industry-relevant. The practical hours in hospitality programs are important and so, you need to find out if the program offers hands-on-experience and internship opportunities to the aspirants.
  2. Affiliations and accreditation: For any academic qualification to have value among the employers, it is important that the institute is accredited by the government and reputed international bodies. The accreditation process ensures that curriculum is at par the national standards. International partnerships and affiliations that further add the value to the degree.
  3. Faculty: Faculty is an important part of any institute and they have the ability to shape-up the career of students. The faculty of an institute must have strong academic background coupled with the relevant industrial experience. This helps students to learn both the technical as well as the people skills needed to succeed.
  4. Class size: This is one important aspect especially if you expect assistance from your teachers. In smaller class groups, it is possible for the teachers to encourage the individual students and solve their queries.
  5. Classrooms and practical labs: Well-equipped classrooms and practical labs enhance the learning experience of the students and make sure that the student learns to apply their theoretical knowledge in a safe learning environment. The learning environment of the institute plays an important role and can really make a difference for a great learning experience.
  6. Placements: This is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing the top hospitality management college in India. Hospitality industry is a leader in employability because of the special emphasis given on the work-related knowledge and skills. The best institutes have tie-ups with top employers and they also provide good internship opportunities to the students which help them to understand the industry in deep. The best colleges have dedicated placement cells focusing on the overall development of the students and make them industry-ready.

So, before zeroing on any institute, it is important that you consider all the above factors and talk to the current students and alumni. This will help you to know about the institute and the placement status that how many students were placed from previous batches and what was their package.