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How to Plan Funeral Ceremonies During COVID-19


Wondering how to honor your loved one while keeping others safe? Planning a funeral is never easy, but with COVID-19 funeral ceremonies feel that much more challenging. However, you still have options.

Funeral ceremonies can still take place and do justice for those who have passed. These tips can help you get through the process while keeping safety in mind.

Regional Regulations

An important first step before beginning funeral planning is to know the local covid regulations. Certain areas have been hit harder than others, so knowing where your city or state is with covid will help you better gauge what is possible. It may not be safe for everyone to gather in a room together, or even be allowed.

Direction From The Director

The funeral director is there to help, so let them take the lead with a lot of the funeral planning and offer assistance when it comes to covid. They are professionals who have gone through this process enough times to know what works and what will keep people safe.

The director can help offer alternatives and also make sure guests who do come are doing so within the safety parameters set up. You don’t have to plan a funeral during covid all alone.

Service Options

With coronavirus putting a damper on most indoor gatherings, there are a lot of things to consider with the service. You may want to do a cremation and plan a celebration of life later. Some people have done drive-by options where people pay their respects from their cars and offer condolences from a safe distance.

A virtual service might be best, or a graveside service so that people can gather safely outdoors to pay their respects. The other aspects like flowers and funeral food will depend on the type of service you choose. When choosing the style that works best, consider what suits the person you are paying respect to, and what is possible at the present moment.

Open Options

If your main concern is that a funeral service won’t be possible, don’t worry. A service can still take place. It may look a little different than it would have pre-covid, but all of the main elements can still be present.

You still decide on cremation or burial and can have a small gathering inside to pay respects. While not everything is possible immediately, having a larger celebration of life or service after some time is perfectly possible.

For Future And Present Funeral Ceremonies

When you’re planning funeral ceremonies while covid remains a threat, remember you have resources you can rely on. The funeral director is there to help meet your needs and see that your loved one is given the goodbye they deserve.

Even with some changes, options kike having a virtual component can mean more people attending who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to make it. Planning a funeral is hard enough, so rest a little easier knowing covid won’t completely stop all plans in their tracks. And if this helped you better understand how to begin planning a funeral right now, keep reading for more useful tips.

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