How to Play a Keno Online: A Simple Guide

The emotional stakes of Keno, a lottery-style game enjoyed by most players, can’t be understated. Because of this, numerous keno techniques are available to enhance your experience. 

Furthermore, going to a store isn’t necessary because you can play the game at different online casinos. You can also play Keno and watch the draws live on the websites. However, before you learn the strategies to win at Keno, you must know how to play first. 

This guide will show you the easiest way to play Keno online. 

Let’s begin. 

How to Play Keno Online 

  1. Play at a Reputable Online Casino 

Before playing Keno, choosing an online casino that offers everything you need is crucial. The platform should be able to sign up quickly, easily, and completely free. After, launch your preferred game and get the ball rolling.

  1. Choose Numbers on the Online Keno 

You can either manually select them or use an auto-pick to select the numbers. Depending on the game, you’ll select between two to 20 available alternatives (numbered 1-80). 

  1. Place Your Bets 

You can adjust your bet using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Typically, this costs anywhere from 50 cents to $5. We suggest going small, and $1 is a great entry point for most players. Some machines provide a multiplier feature, so keep your eyes peeled. 

  1. Play A Game

Select either the “Play” or “Draw” option. For online Keno, a random number generator chooses 20 numbers marked on the card with little white balls. Multi-round play is an option in various keno variations. 

  1. Verify the Results 

If your numbers come up, you win a prize. In some online casinos, the payout ranges from 1x your wager for three matching numbers to 10,000x your bet for all 10. Payouts and odds in Keno vary by game. 

  1. Play the Game Again 

You can stick with the same setup or experiment with new numbers and wagers. One more option is to use a mobile casino on your phone. 

Keno Tips for Beginner Players 

  1. Choose a Game That has Additional Features

Try to find a video Keno game with some additional bonuses. Given that the numbers are selected, the odds are not worse than in a regular game. However, some will provide significantly lesser payouts than others. 

Verify that you’re still being paid a reasonable sum. However, if the payouts are still fair, you can obtain a few additional spins, wild numbers, or other perks without spending a dime. It’s also a great way to spice up your regular keno session. 

  1. Explore Your Options to Find the Highest Payouts

Payouts in Keno might range from game to game. The prizes for matching sets of numbers in different games might vary widely. In reality, you can play the same game on many machines and get various prizes. 

The stakes could be very different if you and the individual next to you are both playing. Therefore, before committing to a real money keno game, you should carefully check the payment schedule. 

While this is more typical in video Keno, it frequently happens in live Keno. Casinos can have a wide variety of betting limits and payout structures. The time spent searching for the highest returns will be well worth it.

  1. You Should Play a Progressive Keno Machine

With Keno, you can play for a massive prize, which is a lot of fun in and of itself. But, of course, regular payouts can be significant as well. But progressive jackpots are where you’ll find the biggest bucks. 

You’re not giving up anything by going for a shot at the top prize, as they both offer the same non-progressive payoff structure.


If you’re a beginner player and want to play Keno online, use this guide as a step in the right direction. It’s easy to play, and we’ve included some essential tips to help you play the game right. 

When you familiarize yourself with the game, you can try different strategies to maximize your winnings. 

Also, just like any other game of chance, Keno isn’t all about hoping for the best. Several different approaches to Keno can be used to increase your chances of winning.