How to prepare for UPSC civil services exams

IAS is one of the most reputed jobs and every individual once in their lifetime dreams of becoming IAS. Every aspirant needs a lot of commitment and dedication to clear this examination. Many individuals study year after year to clear the examination, however, fail to do so. A wide range of books is available. Moreover, there are several coaching centers which help the students to prepare for the UPSC civil services exams. Though all of them go through the same books and are taught by the same mentors, one few of them can clear the exam not everyone.

So, what makes them win the situation? According to the experts, the difference lies between an ordinary person and an extraordinary person. So, here are few of the tactics to clear the UPSC civil services exam. These 4 mantras can help you make your dream come true.

Create your own strategy!

Hard work and determination is required, however, nothing can be achieved by simple hard work. Smart work is what you should go with. It is not about how many hours you study a subject, but it is all about how to study one subject. You should be aware of what to read, what not to study and how much of it has to be read. The ideal way is to ask for a strategy from a mentor or a former IAS topper. You should not read blindly as this examination demands creativity and innovativeness.

Have a good grasp on the Syllabus

The second tip is to know the syllabus thoroughly. You must not skip any of the things to read to ensure what is there in the curriculum. You need to pay attention to each and every topic that might be questioned in the paper. Do not get tensed once you go through the syllabus. Make a schedule and divide the topic accordingly with proper planning.

Go for the small questions

Small questions can help you make good marks. You need to aim towards clearing all the questions so that you can gain full marks. Write the answers comprehensively. Practice for them more so that you can easily grab good marks in these questions. Keep practicing until you know what to write and how to write.

Know how to make answers

Once totally determined, you might pass the Prelims, however, you will face the biggest hurdle with the Mains. Clearing mains is not only about studying. It is all about having good skills and knowledge to answer the questions perfectly and write what is demanded by the questioner. If the answer required pie-charts, flow-charts or even graphs, you should be able to make it. Moreover, never repeat any line or same point in one paragraph. You should always stick to the word limit. Do not time a lot of time on a single question or you will be having less time to complete the rest of the paper. Every answer should have creative inputs. This will make you apart for your competitors and will help you gain more marks in front of the examiners.

So, stick to these points and prepare for UPSC civil services exameasily.