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How to solve WiFi problems at home

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How to solve WiFi problems at home

The internet at home is a curious thing. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Losing an internet connection can be quite a frustrating thing, especially if you’re working from home or trying to watch a series on your favorite streaming platform. Most internet companies can send a technician to fix your problem but are often hard to reach or have no availability for someone to come and take a look at your problem.

The best thing you can do is learn how to fix the internet yourself. Fixing the internet often requires little effort and just a bit of patience. Of course, not all problems are that easily fixed, but it helps to know what to do in some cases. In this article, you’ll find the best ways to solve WiFi problems at home. HQPotner is the best internet provider, which gives high-speed inter-facility, this software provides wifi solutions at your home with customer support solutions.

Try a WiFi extender

If you are constantly losing the internet connection in one part of your house or you’re experiencing slow internet in a specific place, a WiFi extender might do the trick. Your internet signal is being broadcasted through your house from the place where your router is. The router is usually installed in a central place so that the WiFi can be distributed evenly. However, internet signals cannot travel through certain materials, such as concrete. Thick doors and brick walls can also lower the range of the internet. The place where you are experiencing internet problems might therefore be out of range, meaning the signal cannot travel all the way to the device in this place.

Install an extender

To fix this problem, you might want to install one or more WiFi extenders. As the name already suggests, these devices extend the range of your internet, all the way to the place where you did not have internet before. The range of your internet is usually around 35 metres, which is not always enough to supply internet to another floor if your house has multiple floors.

WiFi extenders are usually easy to install as they come with a manual. If you’re not very internet savvy, you could ask your internet provider to install it (usually for a fee). For example, the provider Charter Spectrum, one of the biggest providers in the United States offers this service. You’ll find the best WiFi Extender for Spectrum through the link.

Source: Pixabay.com by Jan Vašek https://pixabay.com/photos/laptop-woman-education-study-young-3087585/ 01-18-2018

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

If you call the IT-hot line, the first question they will probably ask you is if you have turned it off and on again. There is a good reason for this question. Machines reset automatically if you unplug them and plug them in again, or if you turn it off and on with a button. Disturbances can occur after the machine had an automatic update or if the connection with the device has been lost before. The best way to get rid of a disturbance is often turning a machine off and on again.

To fix the internet by using this method, turn off the device and wait at least 30 seconds before turning it on again. After you turn it back on again, you need to be patient. The machine is resetting, installing, and finding connections. This can take several minutes to complete. Most routers have indicator lights that tell you when the machine is starting up and when it is ready to be used again. Blinking lights often mean it’s still working on the connection, while solid lights or no light mean it’s ready to use, depending on the type of router that you have.

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