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Im Gay Meme: Jokes, Life, Creative, Looks

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Im Gay Meme: Jokes, Life, Creative, Looks


Meme is an image, video or piece of text which is typically created in a satire nature and shared among the communities on social media as sarcastic posts. Many of the posts are meant to be funny, sarcastic and not so offensive, but some of them do cross the limits, and make mockery. One such type of memes was trended back in 2016, making threads of trends in 2017. this meme is still popular as ‘I’m Gay’ meme and let us know more details about this meme.


This meme was originated from the video of MaxMoeFoe uploaded through Internet, in which he requests Idubbbz to jump down from table and say anything ” Some fucking gay shit”. As soon as he said that, idubbbz jumps down from the table and says “I’m Gay”, exploding into laughs. That video gained more than 3 million views within a few months and started this weird trend.


The Youtuber Idubbbz is the creator of this meme, when he jumps from the table and says “I’m Gay”. MaxMoeFoe, another YouTuber, uploaded this video in his channel, after he says Idubbbz to “say something gay stuff”. MaxMoeFoe meant that he should say something funny and jovial while he was recording Idubbbz. As soon as he says this, Idubbbz jumps from the table and says “i’m Gay”, misintrepreting the message he got from his fellow YouTuber. They both laugh and explode into funny giggles, recorded in the video.



This video was posted on the YouTube channel of MaMoeFoe on 19th May, 2016 with the title of “Edward Watermelon-Hands”. This video within the next three months amassed 3 million views and more than 2k comments with the reach increasing by sharing this video among the social communities. The way, he says “I’m Gay”, got instantly viral and people that he was not funny, rather the term which people use for saying anyone who is attracted to men. This simple stunt got them really famous and the memes galore on social media, where everyone was using this as a template.


Yes, there were little controversies regarding this meme and the video itself. The youtuber MaxMoe Foe, later apologised that the video was meant for fun purpose and his saying of “something gay stuff” referred to something funny, excited or jovial thing but youtuber Idubbbz misunderstood the message and funnily said that he is gay. Although people understood that pretty easily as they both were always doing sarcastic things and this was really a thing without any planning or agenda hidden. So the controversies slowly stopped and all of the people used this template with more creativity and crazy ideas.

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