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Know the right time to get help from an urologist

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Know the right time to get help from an urologist

Urologists are medical professionals who treat urinary problems in men and women. They will also examine and treat anything related to the reproductive tract in men. In some instances, they will perform surgery depending on the health condition. 

If you have a blockage in the urinary tract or are suffering from cancer, you need to contact a reputed urologist. Apart from the perfect treatment options, they will also suggest surgeries to address your health conditions. Mentioned below are some significant signs you need to contact an urologist. To get the right help, Click here

  • You Experience Burning Symptom During Urination: People who feel discomfort, like a burning sensation, while urinating should contact a urologist. When the frequency is higher, it would indicate other underlying health conditions such as IC and UTS. Contact an experienced urologist if the symptoms are persistent. The urologist will evaluate your bladder and examine its condition. They may also order some urine diagnostic tests and suggest a perfect treatment plan as per the patient’s age, health condition, and other deciding factors. 
  • Severe Pain in Lower Abdomen: Sometimes, you can feel severe pain on the lower side of the abdomen, along with a painful sensation on the one side of your lower back. This could indicate multiple health problems, including kidney stones. When you suffer from these conditions, you will also experience other symptoms, such as blood and pain while urinating. At this point, it’s extremely important to contact an urologist. They will evaluate your condition and determine the primary cause of pain in the lower abdomen or the sides of your lower back. The treatment options they provide will be fully customized as per your health conditions and age. They may also prescribe SOS medication to treat the severe, painful symptoms.
  • Excessive Urination: Sometimes, people notice that they have started urinating more frequently, even without any lifestyle changes or any diet changes in their life. This sudden excessive urination might be caused by an overreactive bladder or OAB. This is undoubtedly a severe condition that can treated effectively with medicine. The urologist might also recommend lifestyle changes and surgical treatment procedures to address this condition. However, a few patients may fail to control their bladder and suffer from urinary incontinence. In such cases, they need behavioral therapy to regain bladder control. 

In the modern world, people of different ages experience urological problems. While primary care doctors can treat mild symptoms, you need to visit a urologist for a professional medical opinion. 

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