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Las Vegas car accident: 4 facts for injured victims

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Las Vegas car accident: 4 facts for injured victims

The financial losses related to a car accident can be hard to deal with, especially when you are severely injured and require the best medical care. Sadly, the busy roads of Vegas are prone to accidents, and drivers often don’t adhere to traffic rules. No wonder, a significant number of cases are related to negligent and reckless driving. If you were a victim of such a mishap, here are four facts to know.

  1. You need a Las Vegas car accident lawyer. Filing a claim is easy, but it can take significant work to recover the deserved compensation. Insurance companies are not famed for their generosity of spirit or honesty, and the adjuster will want to settle your case soon. The initial offer may seem enough to cover your immediate losses, but the claim could be worth a lot more. Get an attorney who can fight for you and negotiate on your behalf.
  2. You have to follow the deadline. When it comes to car accident injury lawsuits, the statute of limitations in Nevada gives a time cap of two years. From the date of the mishap, you have to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party within that time. It is always best to start early so that you can recover evidence and have time to deal with the insurance claim before you decide whether a lawsuit is right for you.
  3. Focus on the comparative fault rule. If you were also partly at fault for the car crash, the comparative fault rule in Nevada would decide whether you can file a claim. As per the modified comparative fault, you can only take action against the other side when you are not more at fault than them. This can be a confusing aspect, and it is best to let your attorney investigate the case.
  4. Your action after the crash is also essential. Did you inform local law enforcement? Did you stay at the scene and cooperate with the officer? Did you tell the insurance company without delay? If you failed to take the proper steps after the crash, your compensation could be lower. Talk to your lawyer and let them know about the minute details so they can better assess your claim.

There is no one approach to fighting a claim after a car accident. Ask your attorney what you can do to maximize the settlement for your case.