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Lear Capital and Precious Metals to Invest In

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Lear Capital and Precious Metals to Invest In

Precious Metals

There are many different types of precious metals that you can invest in. You can buy some of these precious metals less expensively, but others will be tens of thousands of dollars. There will be a precious metal for anyone that wants to begin investing in them. If you are just starting out, or want to be cautious, you can start with the low cost of silver. If you have more money, or just want to be more adventurous, you can buy something more expensive like palladium. 

You will want to do some research to see which metal, or metals, will the best for your investment portfolio. You can read reviews such as Lear Capital reviews to see what other people are thinking. This will help to give you a start on your investments. Do not rely on just one review, though, that review might be one that is paid for. You need to check many reviews before you make such an important decision.

Below are listed just a few of the most popular precious metals to invest in. This can give you a start in your research, just to know a few of the metals to look for. There are more metals than this article lists, they are just not as well-known and might not be so readily available for purchase.

The List

  1. Gold

Gold is the most popular of all the precious metals to invest in. Everyone knows about gold and its value, and they are very comfortable in investing in it. Even beginners that are just learning about precious metal investment feel like they know what they are doing when they are investing in gold. 

Gold is used for so many things today, some things include electronics, dentistry, or jewelry. You can buy gold in different forms including coins, rounds, and bars. Gold can cost around seventeen hundred dollars for an ounce. 

  1. Silver

Silver is another very popular metal to invest in, and you can do so for a fraction of the cost of gold. Similar to gold, everyone knows about silver and the many uses that it has. Beginners can feel more comfortable investing in silver because it is less expensive. 

Silver has many uses, most commonly jewelry, coins, and electronics, just like gold. It has other uses, as well, but these are just the most well-known. You can also buy silver as coins, rounds, and bars, the most popular ways. You can buy an ounce of silver for around twenty dollars, making it an easy and inexpensive way to start investing. You can check the daily cost of silver at this website. It can keep you up to date on the prices for your investments. 

  1. Copper

Copper is not as precious a metal as gold and silver, but it is still a great investment. It is readily available around the world and not as rare as the first two metals. Copper is used in a variety of ways including electronics, automobile radiators, and heating and air conditioners. Copper is selling well right now, causing it to be stolen from heaters and air conditioners and anything else that is readily available to thieves. 

You can buy copper in a variety of ways, there are coins, bars, and jewelry that you can buy. Copper is inexpensive and you can buy it for about a quarter for an ounce. 

Free Gold Bar Lot Stock Photo
  1. Iridium

Iridium is a metal that is a part of the group of metals from platinum. It is a hard, brittle type of metal that is silver in color. It is one of the rarest metals to be found, is very hard, and has a high melting point.

Iridium is used mostly for tipping pins and compass bearings, but has many other uses as well, especially in electronics. If you want to know more about iridium, you can look here: https://www.rsc.org/periodic-table/element/77/iridium#:~:text=Iridium%20is%20the%20most%20corrosion,%25%20platinum%20and%2010%25%20iridium. You can buy iridium for around four thousand dollars an ounce.

  1. Lithium

This is a very versatile precious metal that is found in small concentrations all over the world.

Though it is found all over the world, the small concentrations of it make it very rare. Many

people have heard of lithium through its use in long-lasting batteries, especially the batteries

found in electric cars and marine vehicles.

Lithium also has many uses in the mental health industry, including medication for bipolar

disorders, major depression, and schizophrenia. This makes lithium very valuable to many

people. You can buy lithium for about around two thousand dollars per ounce. 

These are just a few of the precious metals that you can invest in, there are many more including platinum and palladium. You might be able to find more precious metals to invest in if you do a little more research. 

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