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Manuela Escobar Biography, Early Life and Childhood

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Manuela Escobar Biography, Early Life and Childhood

Manuela Escobar

The most infamous mafia and dons have had their stories etched on the heart of Latin America, from Mexico borders, stretching long and far. Several books, movies and series commemorate the  notorious drug cartels of Colombia and Mexico. And the drug lord of Colombia was none other than Pablo Escobar who made history with his retinue of iniquities.

Pablo Escobar Biography

Pablo Escobar, although a famous drug cartel owner, was also a family man and fathered two children. Among them is Manuela Escobar, his daughter, who became famous consequently  because of the corrupt life of his father. Pablo Escobar has been a notoriuos gangster his entire life. He was the druglord of the Colombian drug cartel.

Pablo Escobar Early Life and Childhood

Escobar Escobar indulged in a life of crime from his early teenage years. He started off with selling fake diplomas, smuggling stereo equipment and even smuggling cocaine from the Colombian border to the rest of the world. He also stole cars which resulted in his first arrest marking the start of a whole career in criminal activities. Escobar was the greatest drug Lord in Columbia in the early 1980s to the 90s marking a full era.

Escobar had found the group called the Medellin cartel along with his five other brothers namely David, Jorge Louis and Fabio. This was in the mid 1970s. Escobar served as the head of this cartel which was mostly involved in the production, smuggling and selling of  cocaine.

Pablo Escobar Career

By the 1980’s the Medellin cartel was doing extremely good business which lead to escobars rise. He became the owner of 25 million dollars and started living and extremely lavish lifestyle. It was reported that the place where he lived had everything from a soccer field to a Zoo and included bullfighting Arena, artificial lakes, air strips. He also supposedly helped the poor and this led him tow in a seat in politics as well later on.

Pablo Escobar Wife

Escobar led a rather fast paced life and was married to Maria Victoria Henao at a very young age and fathered two children. Although the children were given comforts of every kind, it was the crimes of their father that chased them throughout their lives. And this shaped their lives a lot when Pablo Escobar surrendered and got arrested in 1991. This arrest was shortly followed by the death of Pablo Escobar in a cruel and ruthless gun encounter in Medellin.

Pablo Escobar Family

Now let us come to the part of the life of the drug lord that nobody talked about but who bore the weight of his crimes the most- his family. It consisted of his wife, Maria Victoria Henao and his son Juan Pablo. In May 25, 1984 was born Manuela Escobar, daddy’s little princess as she grew up.

Manuela Escobar Childhood

Manuela Escobar

Manuela was indeed the most loved by her father and the drug lord spared nothing to keep his daughter safe and protected and have every last luxury on earth. Little Manuela did not know what her dad did as a career but she was happy because she was provided with everything she ever asked for.

There is a story where she once wanted a unicorn from her father for a birthday. The cartel leader, Escobar, instead of telling his daughter that unicorns do not exist, told his people to find a white horse and attach a horn to its head by stapling it. He also instructed them to attach wings to it in the same fashion and bring it to his daughter. The animal had later died in a ruthless way due to infection.

Pablo Escobar’s Love for Manuela Escobar

Such was a father’s love for his daughter that he was ready to burn the whole world in order to keep his daughter happy. He is said and known to have burned through almost 2 million dollars of cash in order to keep his daughter safe when they were in hiding in the early 90s when Escobar was arrested. The whole family had been hiding in a government safe facility when all of this was happening.

Pablo Escobar’s Life in Jail

Escobar did not spend one bitter day even in jail. He was built a separate jail , which was ultra- luxurious to his liking, installed with every kind of amenities and enterntainments necessary. It was called La Catedral. It had, phones, fax machines, sauna, soccer field and even a nightclub. The drug cartel lord was truly the lord of everyone as long as he ruled in Colombia.

However, things went down when there were two killings in La Catedral by Escobar and the authorities decided to stop such elite treatment for him. He escaped jail in 1992, and a nationwide manhunt ensued. The Colombian government was aided by the US Government in this hot pursuit of Pablo Escobar.

Pablo Escobar Death

In 1993, the day after he celebrated his 44th birthday bash, after having thrown an elaborate party, his hideout was disclosed. There was a chase between the cops and Escobar where he tried to escape through the rooftops. Unfortunately, he was gunned down and killed brutally, thus ending the era of Escobar.

Some do say that Escobar took his own life. Although that might be debatable, it was not unclear as to what happened to his family after his death. The family had to flee Colombia immediately as they knew that they would not be safe there in the eyes of the cartel or the government. But no country would grant aylum to the wife and family of a dead drug lord after the list of crimes had affected governments worldwide.

Manuela Escobar Life after Pablo

Little Manuela was only 9 years old when she had to go through all of this. Even the Vatican turned away their cries for help. In the meantime, the other cartels were demanding millions of dollars from them as reparations to Escobar’s crimes against them.

Although Pablo Escobar has died, his crimes followed them everywhere. They tried to get asylum in Ecuador, Peru, South Africa and Brazil but to no avail. Finally, they attained refuge in Argentina under false names and started living ordinary lives under those names.

Pablo Escobar’s Family after his Death

Manuela Escobar

However, their peace was really short-lived. In 1999, Juan Pablo and Maria Victoria Henao was arrested by the government officials for making a false public document, illicit association and money laundering. After being locked for several months, they were released due to inadequate substantiation.  Still, numerous people had questions about their arrest — especially since Pablo Escobar’s son had supposedly noway spent a day in jail.

Manuela Escobar’s Life Now

An composition published in El Tiempo, a Colombian news website, revealed that Manuela Escobar was living under the name “ Juana Manuela Marroquín Santos ” in Buenos Aires. At the time, she was staying in a domestic structure known as Jaramillo. And while rumors snappily spread that she — and her family were sitting on millions of bones in stolen medicine plutocrat, Manuela Escobar’s life was far from lavish. On the negative, she was floundering to indeed be called middle- class.

But unfortunately, everything changed after her family got arrested. Though her family members were released, she soon began to live in fear of someone coming after her cousins and seeking vengeance on them because of her father’s crimes. She also sank into a deep depression. Still, her mama and family sluggish lyre-entered the limelight. By now, both of them have written books and spoken freely to the press about their particular lives with Pablo Escobar. But Manuela has refused to share at all. To this day, she remains in hiding — despite noway committing a crime.
moment, Manuela Escobar is one of the most notorious eremites in the world. But according to her favored bones , there’s a woeful reason why she shuns hype. 

Manuela Escobar

Manuela Escobar Siblings

Ever since 1999, Pablo Escobar’s son has had several depressive occurrences. And her internal health has supposedly worsened.
According to her family Juan Pablo( who still goes by the name Sebastián Marroquín), Manuela has tried to take her own life. And now, she reportedly lives with her family and his woman for her own health and safety.
Indeed worse, her family has claimed that she still lives in constant fear of being discovered. She supposedly believes that anyone who knows her identity will associate her with the crimes of her father and that eventually, her loved bones will end up paying for his atrocities with their own lives.
Manuela Escobar is now in her late 30s, and it remains to be seen whether she’ll ever break her silence — or indeed show her face in public again.

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