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Peardeck com:- How to create Account and Codes.

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Peardeck com:- How to create Account and Codes.

Peardeck com

Peardeck com is a web-based interactive presentation platform that allows teachers and students to communicate in real time. Students can enroll in online classes through joinPD.com and present to instructors. The JoinPD portal is available in two different versions: free and premium. Although most of the activities that teachers and students must do  are openly accessible, only a few tools are made available to those who pay a fee.

A very straightforward and user-friendly programme is Peardeck. It is accessible from any device, including a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The internet connection of the device is the sole requirement.

Peardeck com

The pear deck is produced for students by teachers who use the JoinPearDuck to set up an online class. Students are provided with a five digit code by the teachers to join a particular session. If you are a student and do not already have the pear deck code for the class you desire to attend, you must ask your teacher for it. The required code will eventually be provided by your teacher.

How Do You Create a pear deck Code?

You must first log into Pear Deck in order to create a pear deck code; once you have done so, navigate to the presentation area to create an invite code. Only once you provide them with the join code  students can join your class.

Students will need a Google or Microsoft account to view the presentation, if the teacher has enabled the necessary setting. Without a username or an avatar, you can register if necessary.

  • Visit Peardeck.com.
  • Create a profile If you don’t already have one, you must do so.
  • To create a presentation, select it. Add Ons (top bar) Choose add-ons from the drop-down menu.
  • To install, enter “Pear Deck” into the search field and click “+FREE” (the blue button).
  • Now Open the Pear Deck Add-on by selecting Add-ons > Pear Deck.
  • The presentation should be made: There are many options and templates available, but it just requires a little research on your part.
  • Click “Present with Pear Deck” when you’re done with the presentation and other tasks.
  • A five-digit random code will be generated
  • Click “Present with Pear Deck” when you’re done with the presentation and other tasks.
  • Give the code to anyone you want to be able to access your pear deck presentation.


The code must first have been given to you by the presentation’s creator or by someone who already has access.

  • Visit Peardeck.com.
  • Click on Join a session
  • Join the session by entering the code.

Peardeck’s Advantages

Quick Feedback: Pear Deck enables teachers to get quick feedback on the level of student involvement and comprehension. This gives them the ability to change their instructional techniques as needed.

Customizable: Pear Deck gives teachers the ability to create presentations that are tailored to their students’ needs and interests, improving learning for them.

Accessibility: Pear Deck may be used on a variety of devices, making it usable for students with different learning requirements and preferences.

Tracking data: Pear Deck provides data analytics that enable teachers to assess how their students are responding to the presentation and identify problem areas.

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