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Personalized business cards will be the push a business needs today.

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Personalized business cards will be the push a business needs today.

A personal business card gives an insight into your business apart from other valuable personal information such as name, phone number, email, website, cheapest bulk printing in US etc.

In a massively virtual world, a customized business card leaves a lasting impression, resulting in custom business card printing gaining a deserved fanbase.

Why is a customized business card better than a generic card?

The only thing that makes a customized business card better than a generic business card is the ‘personal touch.’ Generic business cards are cheaper and have been the go-to for several business houses, but custom business cards have all the appeal. Through a custom business card, you can create a design that will bring out the essence and uniqueness of your business. A custom business card portrays your creativity and dynamism to a prospective client, which a generic business card might not be able to.

A custom business card will always create a lasting impression among your clients and not just remain as a mundane card similar to others and soon forgotten.  Apart from business cards, there are different Personalized Embossed Stationery items that you can get these days.

4 Types of Custom Business Cards To Keep An Eye On

Minimalist cards– Minimalism is appreciated worldwide, and rightly so. A minimalist business card is sophisticated and effortlessly portrays your professionalism. You can consider a monotone black card with a letterpressed gold foil to create a shiny company logo and name on one side and similarly the name of the owner, email, website, and other personal details at the back. This card might sound too simple to be called a customized business card; nevertheless, it is sophisticated and impressive at the same time.

Recycled cards- How about business cards that are eco-friendly? The concept of eco-friendly is gathering momentum as environmental issues are becoming a matter of grave concern. Recycled cards use partial or 100% post-consumer waste recycled material. The ink, foil, or any other material used to fill in the details of the card can also be recycled, making it totally sustainable. Recycled cards also go well with a business that aims to be conscious of the environment or with a business that is entirely focused on the environmental sector and wants to create awareness among other business houses. Sustainability is always appreciated.

Plantable cards- Plantable cards can quickly become the talk of the party. These cards are made from post-consumer recycled material and are entirely biodegradable. What is noteworthy about these cards is the amount of thought and consciousness towards the environment it portrays. Plantable cards are made from seed paper which is a type of handmade paper containing one or different kinds of plant seeds that sprout whenever the card is introduced to the soil. So, for instance, a client has saved all your details, and your business card will soon be thrown away, instead, the card can be planted in soil, and maybe an alyssum plant will bloom.

Square or oval-shaped cards- Business cards have been rectangular for as long as you remember, so a differently shaped card will set you apart. It’s called thinking out of the box, where shapes are numerous and, therefore, so are options. Any client would get the impression that your business ideas are equally as unique as your business card is in an instant.

Wrapping Up:

Custom business card printing can be a time-consuming and tricky process, but it’s worth it. Business cards are here to promote your business in the most comprehensive way possible; therefore, it’s best to stand apart and create an impression that cannot be easily dismissed.

Author Name- Carmela Castillo