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Play Fantasy Cricket Games and Create Your Dream Team

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Play Fantasy Cricket Games and Create Your Dream Team

Fantasy Cricket is gaining popularity widely, attracting millions of cricket lovers and non-lover from all around the world. It is a great scope for cricket enthusiasts to show their skills and knowledge of cricket, implement their ideas and opinions, battle against millions of other cricket fans, and earn big amounts of real cash rewards daily.

Proceed step by step to enter the amazing world of Fantasy Cricket Games: 

Though it is not rocket science, you need to follow certain steps to enter into the fantastic world of fantasy cricket and display your cricketing acumen. Since it is a skill-based online game; you must possess a certain level of experience and information about cricket that will help you create your virtual squad by picking the right players. So, without wasting further time, get indulge in the deep water of fantasy. 

Start With Installing a Reputed Fantasy Cricket App:

The very first thing you need to do is find a reputed fantasy cricket provider. Install the app, set up your account, submit the required documents asked by the provider, and complete verification. Submitting your identity proof and registering your bank account is important for withdrawing your wallet money into the account.

It is not that difficult to get started. If you don’t want to pay money, you can consider joining practice matches. Fantasy cricket is a game of skill where you build your virtual team with real-life players for an upcoming game, competing with other enthusiasts for big rewards. Your fantasy team achieves points based on the performances of your chosen players in the actual match, so be confident and make the right choices. 

It is Time to Select a Match:

Once you are done with creating your fantasy account successfully, now it is time to choose any of the matches visible from the recent or upcoming cricket leagues. Now, before you move forward to create your fantasy cricket team, make sure you utilize your expertise and knowledge of cricket, and judge and pick players who you consider will play a major role in scoring valuable points. Click on any upcoming game you desire to participate in, keeping any on the match deadline. Your virtual team must contain eleven players, of which a maximum number of seven players can be included from any one side playing in real-time.

Predict Your Fantasy Cricket Team XI:

Your next step would be predicting a winning team within a budget. All you have to do is pick choose a match and click on ‘create a team. You have to follow the limitations of picking at least 1 to 4 wicketkeepers, 3 to 6 bowlers, 3 to 6 batsmen, and 1 to 4 all-rounders. The summation of all your chosen players needs to be equal to your credits.

Choose the Best Combination:

Your online fantasy cricket news provider may offer a list of different team combinations, and allow you to pick what you consider is the best combination for a specific match. You must use your cricketing knowledge for picking a team within the budget. You are allowed to build up to eleven teams for each match, and join contests. So, don’t hesitate to try various combinations to enhance your chances of winning.

Your Next Vital Steps:

Once you are done with picking your team, now you need to fill the two most vital positions, the captain and vice-captain of your team. The captain acquires double the points scored by him in the real game. And, the vice-captain earns 1.5 times the actual points scored by him.

Check for the Fantasy Cricket Points:

Your chosen real-life players earn a fantasy points system on the basis of their performance in a game. For instance, players can fetch points for taking wickets, scoring runs, run-outs, taking catches, stumping, and other cricketing activities. Make sure you check out the fantasy points in detail, it will help you to build your strategy accordingly, and you will be able to arrange your lineup efficiently, filling all the positions with the right players.

Can I Edit My Squad?

You are allowed to make changes in your team as many times as required or you want, but prior to the match deadline. Consider using player information and tour points for understanding the competition and determining a winning combination.

Make your fantasy journey fun and more exciting with Ballebaazi:

If you are searching for a user-friendly fantasy sports app, so you can easily play and explore your favorite games virtually, try Ballebaazi. It is one of the most appreciated online fantasy sports platforms in India, used by millions of sports enthusiasts.

The latest version of the Ballebaazi mobile app along with its unique features ensures the best fantasy experience. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, you can Download Fantasy Cricket App. Ballebaazi provides you with a wallet, where you can see various updates like your credits, and winnings. It is one of the most discussed names in the Indian fantasy industry, and with millions of users, it has become a reliable online platform to play and explore your preferred fantasy sports including fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy kabaddi, and fantasy baseball.

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