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Product Packaging Guide: How To Determine the Right Packaging for Your Product in 2023

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Product Packaging Guide: How To Determine the Right Packaging for Your Product in 2023

You have probably heard the saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover. However, most consumers do just this. Your company and its products will be purchased and judged initially by your packaging, so whether you need custom frozen food packaging or shipping boxes, consider these guidelines.

Benefits of Appealing Packaging

When you choose the right packaging, your customers get to know and become interested in your brand, increasing your brand awareness. You can also differentiate yourself from others in your industry or those who offer similar products. When you customize your options, you also show that you care about your products, suggesting that they are of high quality and your company pays close attention to details. Finally, your marketing is easier and sales increase when you invest in custom packaging designs.

Seeing the importance of packaging designs as a crucial element to make or break a product’s success, many businesses utilize the expertise of professional designers to ensure that their packaging is not only aesthetically appealing but also practical and cost-effective. Depending on the product you’re selling, for example, professional designers for customized cannabis packaging have extensive knowledge and experience creating designs that will effectively market products to consumers. They understand how to use elements such as shape, color, size, photography, and illustrations to grab attention.

Types of Packaging To Consider

You can choose from a wide variety of packaging options, and all of these options can be customized in their sizes, shapes, functions and what is printed on them. For example, you can choose a variety of boxes, from bulk cargo boxes to insulated shippers and multi-depth options. If you plan to mail your products, you can purchase padded mailers with custom printing. You can choose bags, envelopes or pouches made from different materials. You may even create custom plastic boxes or poly bags.

Some packaging is customized for specific products, such as that created for frozen food, or you can find more flexible packaging that can be used for a number of different goods, such as customized, printed boxes.

Packaging Materials To Consider

After you have a general idea about the type of packaging you need, you can determine what materials you should use. You should consider your customers and their perceptions when you are making these decisions. For example, more than half of customers believe that paper or cardboard packaging reveals a higher-quality, more desirable product than plastic options.

You should also consider transportation. Will your product be shipped directly to your customers, or will it go to designated stores in larger boxes or on pallets? Your packaging should be durable and arrive in the same shape it left your facility.

Strategies for Making Your Product Stand Out

Did you know that eight seconds is all the time you have to make an impression on your customers? That’s their attention span. Therefore, consider a simple yet meaningful packaging design. Choose colors that make you stand out, but make sure they appeal to your target market and support your brand. Make sure your products are identifiable.

In addition, don’t go for generic designs because this suggests that your products are just like everyone else’s. Talk about the product on its packaging so your customers understand what they are getting, and don’t forget to state or show its purpose. You may also share your story on your packaging if you have the room. Even a little blurb can help your customers relate to you.

Remember that your customers are becoming more sensitive to environmental issues, so choose packaging sizes that fit your products, and choose materials that are environmentally friendly but still high quality.  

No matter what type of packaging you choose, from custom sachet packaging to high-quality, custom-printed, recycled cardboard boxes, make sure it has an impact and attracts your customers.