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Quick Upgrades Available From A Home and Leisure Store

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Quick Upgrades Available From A Home and Leisure Store

Have you heard that certain upgrades can add significant value to your home, yet homeowners often hesitate to undertake major renovations due to cost concerns? Well, don’t despair; there are numerous affordable ways that you can upgrade your space!

By adding color or replacing outdated face plates, these simple upgrades will help your home gain value without breaking the bank.

Upgrade Your Lighting

An inexpensive lighting upgrade can give your home an instant facelift without breaking the bank. Lighting is one of the few areas where form and function harmoniously coexist, so changing out old fixtures for new can transform how a room feels and looks. 

How much your home value increases after installing new fixtures depends on factors like their quality and price as well as location and home prices in your area.

Making an impactful statement without breaking the bank can be done easily by upgrading out-of-date fixtures with more on-trend options. Your local home and leisure store may offer installation options. Be sure to ask at the store or check online to see if yours does.

Opting for smart dimmers or switches is another cost-cutting move you can make to optimize lighting environments in each space you occupy, providing individual control of each fixture or creating different “scenes.” You can easily install one hardwired into your electrical system that provides six preset scenes at under $1,000; more advanced models with even more features may cost slightly more.

If you’re worried that more expensive lighting fixtures won’t return as much in resale value as anticipated, a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors shows that homeowners are willing to spend up to $12,000 for high-quality LED or energy-efficient light fixtures in their home – though be wary of spending too much on fixtures that don’t match with your style or the other homes in your neighborhood.

Update Your Flooring

Carpet is one of the first things potential homebuyers notice when they walk through your door, and worn carpeting, cracked tiles or warped hardwood are major detractors for potential buyers. 

Luckily, replacing flooring is a relatively affordable upgrade that can give your home a fresh new look.

An affordable flooring upgrade can transform a room and increase its value. While some projects can be completed quickly and affordably, others require more time and money, yet still add curb appeal and comfort to your living space. From eco-friendly cork installations to painting your floors or installing floating hardwoods, there are endless ways you can update rooms while increasing home values.

Vinyl flooring is among the easiest forms to install and, with options that don’t require new underlayment, an average DIYer should be able to manage this task on his or her own. You can click here for tips on how to do this. There are sheets, tiles and luxury planks that connect together seamlessly for floating floors; prices begin at approximately two dollars per square foot.

Tile floors are resilient and easily cover stains, scratches and other forms of damage. A range of materials and colors exist for tiles such as ceramic and porcelain as well as glazed stone tiles that resemble natural wood and marble surfaces. Starting costs for installing tiles start around $0.50 per square foot while there may also be expenses related to underlayment, thin-set adhesive and grout installation costs.

Engineered wood is constructed by layering real hardwood over plywood. Engineered wood offers increased moisture-resilience than its standard hardwood counterpart and costs approximately half as much. While not as long-lasting, engineered wood makes an ideal option for high moisture areas that cannot be refinished regularly.

Add a Touch of Style

Your home deserves to feel cozy and welcoming, which is why adding some personal style can do wonders to making it more inviting. Whether you’re adding finishing touches before selling it or upgrading for yourself, there are plenty of amazing home products out there that won’t break the bank. You can also visit https://www.pinterest.com for more ideas.

  • Throw Pillows – With so many great fabrics to choose from when it comes to throw pillows, selecting the appropriate fabric is of utmost importance. For instance, if your space features bold patterns such as on your couch or curtains, selecting solid pillows that tone down these designs will help ensure that it won’t become overstimulating.
  • Rugs – A good-quality wool rug can last decades and be an investment piece, while being both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing in any space. Handmade rugs made with natural fibers may be hand-knotted, hand-tufted or machine-woven.
  • Art – Displaying beautiful artwork can have a powerful psychological effect and enhance your wellbeing, not to mention elevate your space and show off your personal style. Plus, it makes an excellent conversation starter when guests visit!

A quick trip to a home and leisure store is a great way to find a variety of upgrades for your space.