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Reasons Everyone Loves UFC

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Reasons Everyone Loves UFC

Since its introduction a few years ago, the UFC has gained a great deal of popularity around the world and is now one of the most recognized MMA sports on the planet. The UFC has contributed to the development of the MMA industry around the world, which has well over 300 million fans. 

In the past few years, there have been more than 500 UFC events held in 28 countries, which has helped it become a global brand. It’s also worth mentioning that the UFC has an amazing PPV model that draws in hardcore fans as well as newcomers every year.  The UFC is popular for a variety of reasons. But what are those reasons exactly? Here’s what we found.

1• Full of Legendary Fighters

A long list of legendary fighters have come out of the UFC since its inception. From Connor McGregor to Nate Diaz, the list is seemingly endless. The UFC allows most fighters to express themselves freely in press conferences and interviews, which means that they can express their personalities freely (which you do not always see in other sports). 

Due to the authenticity of the sport, so many new viewers are attracted to it – they can feel that it’s authentic. With so much attention around the UFC, it is very easy these days to find UFC picks today. UFC picks are readily available, and there are many different sites you can use, like this one for example.

2• Amazing Community

In addition to its online community, the UFC has a very active offline community as well. In addition to the packed crowds that attend events, Twitter and YouTube are large hotspots for fans to chat with each other online. UFC events are automatically trending on Twitter whenever they take place. The great thing about this is that it allows casual fans to participate, regardless of their expertise. 

3• Full of Drama

It’s impossible to compare the UFC with anything else when it comes to drama. Whether it’s Connor McGregor setting fire to feuds with other fighters or Khabib throwing shade at Dana White, it seems a new controversy arises every month in the UFC. 

Furthermore, Jake Paul produced a diss track directed at the UFC fairly recently. It’s no wonder that Jake Paul has attracted a lot of attention online and speculation has ensued that he will fight in the Octagon or face an active UFC competitor in a boxing match well into the future.

4•  Betting

In most other sports, people don’t get that rush of adrenaline and excitement compared to watching UFC. The excitement rises even higher when you throw UFC betting into the mix. Many UFC fans now enjoy betting on fights while they watch events to add an extra layer of excitement. You shouldn’t bet unless you’re an experienced UFC fan, but if you want to test your knowledge of the octagon, it can be a fun hobby to try with your friends who love fighting. 

5• Dana White

Last but not least, Dana White is a big reason why fans love the UFC. Throughout the years, White has built a sporting brand unlike any other. His willingness to criticize fighters publicly and constant reliance on fan feedback helps him put together fights that fans want. The UFC world would not stand as strong as it does today without the craftsmanship of Dana White.


The UFC has many more reasons to be loved and each individual loves the UFC for their own reasons. In this short article, we have tried to summarize all the reasons why everyone loves UFC, but we know there are many more. 

This is because in such a short article it’s impossible to summarize them all, and putting them into context is even harder. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated in case we have overlooked another main reason why everyone loves the UFC. 

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