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RFID or Barcode! Which One Is Best for Asset Management?

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RFID or Barcode! Which One Is Best for Asset Management?

If you are looking for asset tracking, which technology is best? RFID and barcode are two majorly popular technologies for asset tracking. In this post, we will discuss the basics of these technologies and the comparison between them. Read the full write-up to learn more about them. 

RFID inventory software is already hugely popular worldwide for its efficiency and service. Barcodes are another popular technology that you can see in every business organization. Let’s discuss their basics and then decide which one you prefer to use. 

Basics Of RFID Technology 

RFID technology is based on radio wave propagation. It uses these waves to locate an item and sends the signal directly to the managing software. You need to install RFID antennas for better operation. RFID tags, readers, antennas and managing software are four important items you need to use the system. Most RFID software companies use two types of tags for tracking an item. 

Active Tags 

Active tags are those RFID tokens that have their power supply. The range of active tags is much larger than passive ones. For that reason, the price is also greater than the active tags. 

Passive Tags 

Passive tags are also useful. You must have an external power supply if you have bought passive tags. Passive tags have a smaller radius of operation and are cheaper than active tags. 

Advantages Of Using RFID 

As we have already discussed the basics of RFID technology, let’s look into some of the advantages of using RFID technology. 

  1. You can easily track a person or an object using RFID technology. 
  2. You don’t need to be in close proximity to track an object. 
  3. RFID readers can fetch data from those RFID tags. 
  4. According to experts, RFID technology is more durable than barcodes. 
  5. Once you install the system, the operating cost is low.

Barcode Technology 

We have all seen barcodes somewhere or other. Don’t you see the barcode system at the time of shopping? It uses optical readers to read barcodes from items. You have already seen black and white lines printed on tags. 

Once you scan that code using a barcode reader, you can have all the information stored in that code. You can consult with an expert to learn more about barcode technology. As we have discussed the basics of barcode technology, let’s look into some advantages of using barcodes. 

Advantages Of Using Barcode

  1. Barcodes are simple technology. 
  2. The instalment process is easy. 
  3. You don’t need to invest much in acquiring barcode technology. 
  4. We don’t need any special machine other than a barcode reader. 

There are many more advantages of using barcode technology. We have discussed only the popular ones. 

Comparison Between RFID And Barcode 

We hope this post is helping you to understand the basics of RFID and barcode technology. Let’s compare them and try to understand which one you should choose. 

  1. Both technologies are pretty much similar. Yet there are some differences. The barcode will be best for you if you have a small shop and don’t want to invest much. 
  2. To make your warehouse smart, you need to install an RFID system. Once installed, you don’t need any person for inventory management. It can save you a lot of time. 
  3. Reliability and speed are in favour of RFID technology. 

We hope you have liked our content. Make sure to consult with an expert before choosing the right technology for you.